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Hercules Universal DJ Tutorial
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Read our Hercules Universal DJ Review: 2015/10/review-hercules-universal-dj/
What DJs REALLY do

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Or what they SHOULD be doing with their time, when they are not playing a pre-recorded set!

After the video of Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, and Sander van Doorn from a festival went viral, where all 3 were "DJing" together, and Art Department criticized them for it, and someone made a similar video of them to a make them eat their words, I thought it would be fun to show people what DJs REALLY do, or what they SHOULD be doing instead of playing air guitar, twiddling knobs necessarily, or generally doing the same thing the crowd is doing but in the DJ booth.

For everyone that has been asking, the tracks are:

1) Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep in Louise
2) Green Velvet - Bigger than Prince (Hot Since 82 remix)

Also, some shameless self-promotion: check out my SoundCloud page at justarman to hear some tech house, techno, and dark/deep progressive mixes.



10 Best DJ Controllers 2017
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Please Note: Our choices for this wiki may have changed since we published this review video. Our most recent set of reviews in this category, including our selection for the year's best dj controller, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki.

Dj controllers included in this wiki include the behringer cmd studio 4a, numark nvii, numark mixdeck express, pioneer ddjsr, hercules instinct p8, gemini dj g4v, native instruments kontrol s4 mk2 , numark mixtrack pro 3, pioneer ddj-sb2, and reloop terminal mix 8.

Most Recent Picks: best-dj-controllers
Numark DJ2GO2 Review - Portable Mini DJ Controller
On The New Screen Savers, Jason Howell reviewsthe Numark DJ2GO2, a portable mini DJ controller, with built-in sound card and comes with Serato DJ intro.

Numark DJ2GO2 on Amazon: 2xKrJeK

For the full episode:


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How To DJ With A Laptop
As a beginner you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started djing. Check out how you can start to dj with just a laptop with this dj setup for beginners.

▼▼▼Check Prices Below▼▼▼(affiliate links)

Behringer Ucontrol

Must have this cable!
to rca

I used a 2014 MacBook Pro, but you can get by with a PC. Here's a link to the latest MacBook Pro and Mac Air if you're budget conscience but want a Mac:

11.6" MacBook Air (affiliate link)

15" MacBook Pro (affiliate link)

I don't recommend a splitter but here's a link to one:
1ZNPvO4 (affiliate link)

USB Microphone - This is what I use. If you're not a gamer or podcaster you can save money with the DJ usb card instead.
Blue Yeti Blackout
1OAlbTF (affiliate link)

Zoom H1
1OAlePk (affiliate link)

Dj Headphones
Numark Red Wave
1ZNPJoE (affiliate link)

Bookshelf speakers. Not the same but similar to ones in video.
Edifer Studio
1OAlDkw (affiliate link)

Software Links


Looking for an inexpensive dj controller?
Check out my review of the DDJ SB2.

Have a bigger budget? This is my review of the sx2 and my favorite controller.
Numark Party Mix Talkthrough Video
Full review: reviews/numark-party-mix/
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Top 5 DJ Controllers Under $400!
Buy Them Now At: ?utm_source=DJBooth&utm_campaign=ProductLink&utm_medium=Website
Website: dj-equipment/top-5-dj-controllers-under-400-video
Contact: djblaze@

We're back with our "top 5" video series where we show DJ's our pick for the best in a particular DJ equipment category. Today we've released our Top 5 DJ Controllers that cost less than $400. This list doesn't have any particular order, but we've chose different manufacturers and different software types to be sure every base is covered for a wide range of users. Our Top 5 list includes the Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2, the Pioneer DDJ-RB, the Pioneer DDJ-SB2, the Numark Mixtrack Platinum, and the Hercules DJControl Jogvision. Check out the full video and the summary of each below and let us know your picks in the comments section!
Unboxing: Gemini SLATE 4
Unboxing the Gemini SLATE 4 with the Serato X Walmart Pro Bundle. Stumbled on this deal via Walmart while I was looking for holiday deals. Surprised by this little gem. Definitely a good DJ controller package at an exceptional price point.

To purchase this product or for more info, go to:

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Hercules DJControl Jogvision Tutorial
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Can't see this video? ?p=2305921
Digital DJ Tips Full Review: 2015/08/review-video-hercules-djcontrol-jogvision-serato-controller/

We highlight some attractive features in our Hercules DJControl Jogvision mini tutorial, including heavy, responsive jogwheels, detailed visual feedback, sample bank function, and the innovative air control effects modulation. With helpful visual functions that aid fluid, intuitive control, scratch DJs and those switching from analogue will feel comfortable. Finally, we demonstrate how to make the most of the DJControl. For more information on the controller, check out the full review!
Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Review
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Digital DJ Tips Full Review: 2015/05/review-numark-mixtrack-pro-3

How does the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 improve upon its predecessors Pro and Pro 2? Noticeable differences include visual enhancements, jogwheel functionality, and touchstrips, but do they over-complicate the performance pads? Check out the video and full article review for details.
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Official Introduction

DJs now have uncompromised control, with the launch of the DDJ-SB2 professional entry-level controller for Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ. The two-channel DDJ-SB2 boasts all the features of the original DDJ-SB – including Filter Fade, Performance Pads and advanced features not usually available at this price point – and adds trim pots, level meters, the Pad Trans beat effect and 4-deck control.

The DDJ-SB has been hugely popular, thanks to its intuitive, plug-and-play control of Serato DJ Intro (free) and Serato DJ (paid upgrade), which offers features including iZotope FX, Slip Mode, record and a host of expansion packs. The controller’s innovative Filter Fade lets DJs mix seamlessly, adjusting the volume and high pass filter with just one hand. So they’ve got a spare hand to unleash their creativity – using the tactile Performance Pads and buttons to trigger samples, FX, loops and cues.

Now the DDJ-SB2 adds pro-DJ features usually found on top-flight controllers, including trim pots and level meters to control the volumes on each channel. Also new at this price point are four-deck control and the quantized Pad Trans Pad beat effect, which cuts the volume in time with the BPM when the DJ hits the Performance Pads.

The USB-powered DDJ-SB2 is more compact and portable than its pro-DJ stable mates, the DDJ-SX2 and DDJ-SZ, but offers the same intuitive layout, high-quality build, and many advanced features.

The DDJ-SB2, bundled with Serato DJ Intro, is available from September 2015

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Music used:
Dave Silcox – Everything - Zerothree

Evol Waves – Inferno – Protocol Recordings

Low Steppa – The Dub 97 – Simma Black

Nicky Romero – Symphonica (Bare Remix) - Protocol Recordings

June Miller – Bad Brains – Ram Records
Getting started as a DJ: Mixing, mashups and digital turntables - Cole Plante
View full lesson: lessons/getting-started-as-a-dj-mixing-mashups-and-digital-turntables-cole-plante

DJ and producer Cole Plante is only 17 years old, but he's already worked alongside industry superstars Skrillex, Avicii and Major Lazer (to name just a few). In this combination talk and DJ set, Plante shows off his mixing magic and gives tips to aspiring DJs.

Talk by Cole Plante.
Did The Pioneer XDJ-RX Just Change Everything?
Mojaxx´s Review: x_9W6gld1XA
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Digital DJ Tips Full Review: 2015/05/review-pioneer-xdj-rx/

The Pioneer XDJ-RX may have changed the future of digital DJing. Here we look at their introduction to laptop-free gear, which reduces the learning curve from bedroom hobbyist to professional club DJ. Essentially, the XDJ-RX mimics 2 Pioneer CDJs and a mixer, while adding elements of controllerism. In use, it maintains an incredibly easy setup, and USB transports prepared tracks from Rekordbox. Overall it has some great features, but where did it fall short? And what happens when the club doesn't provide Rekordbox enabled gear? Take a look at our video, article review, and Mojaxx's full rundown for more info.
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZ & DDJ-RX Official Introduction
Introducing the DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX – the worlds first hardware to deliver native control of rekordbox dj performance software. The controllers give rekordbox DJs the ultimate flexibility and convenience: to prepare their tracks in rekordbox and then get plug-and-play performance with the software, direct from their laptop.

rekordbox dj is a Plus Pack available to buy from within the latest rekordbox software. Unlocking rekordbox dj gives DJs access to features including Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Colour FX, Beat FX, Beat Jump and the industry’s first Pad FX. And with the fastest response time, it’s a stable and reliable performer in any environment.

The DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX mirror the layout of the software precisely to enable intuitive creative performances. Low latency jog wheels with On Jog Display, multi-coloured Performance Pads and a four-channel mixer deliver highly responsive, tactile control. New to these controllers are the beat parameter buttons, Sampler Cue mode, and the Sequencer mode – which lets DJs record and loop sample sequences on the fly. Plus improved MIC channels deliver a high-quality sound.

The top-flight DDJ-RZ takes the creative possibilities even further, sharing all the features of the DDJ-RX, plus a club-quality magnetic crossfader and large jog wheels inherited from the top-flight CDJ-2000NXS. The OSC Sampler gives DJs the freedom to trigger and manipulate pre-set oscillator samples – or load their own in rekordbox dj. Two USB sound cards and ports with a top-loaded input switcher enable smooth DJ transitions.

The DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX are available from October 2015 and come bundled with the rekordbox dj Plus Pack.

Watch the rekordbox dj Plus Pack Official Introduction: lrub2gajCu8

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Music used:

Djrum - Obsession (Original Mix) - 2nd Drop Records

JACKal - Underscore (Original Mix) - Saucy Records

Dosem - Do You Feel Me (Original Mix) - Toolroom

JACKal - Numbers (Jaquo George Remix) - Saucy Records
Gemini G4V Talkthrough
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Read the full review: 2013/10/review-video-gemini-controller/ ‎

A talkthrough video of the new Gemini G4V DJ controller for virtual DJ, discussing how it fits into the market and who it might appeal to.
Roland DJ-808 Controller Review - Is it the Best Controller for a Producer/DJ?
For the full Roland DJ-808 blog post review head over to this link:

For Online DJ Courses click here: DvpF7E
Gemini GMX and GMX Drive - Product Overview
The Gemini GMX and GMX Drive are more than just a DJ controller. In this video, Eric will show you the benefits and differences between Gemini's GMX and GMX Drive!
Find out more about the GMX: Uarv0H
Find out more about the GMX Drive: eez2np

---Video Breakdown---
0:12 - Product Overview
1:24 - How to Use with Virtual DJ
2:31 - How to Use as a Standalone Media Player

The GMX and GMX Drive are a versatile multi-format media controller for the DJ who desires portability and multi-functionality. DJ’s can playback tracks from a single USB drive or from a laptop as a versatile software controller for Virtual DJ or another host application. If you have the GMX Drive, you have even greater flexability as you can also play CDs! The eight large performance pads on each deck and the newly designed touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheels ensure inspired and intuitive control over every aspect of playback.

The high-resolution USB/MIDI data-stream contains 14-bits of continual control information. That means every turn of a knob or jog wheel can have the precision of 16,384 possible level settings. With that much precision the GMX is the ideal choice for precise pitch and tempo control or any other function you desire to mangle within your software.

Direct playback from a USB memory device of MP3 and WAV files allows the GMX to be unchained from the laptop. It’s portability will inspire spontaneous sessions and make for fast and simple setup at smaller venues.

As an independent media player or as a 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface over USB 2.0 the GMX is professional from the inside out. With multiple high quality output options: monitoring, recording, and playback through a sound system are simultaneously available via balanced XLR or RCA outputs.

The new mechanical and touch sensitive jog wheels allow you to reach new levels when it comes to scratching, beat juggling, or finding track points with precision. With advanced tools including: Hot Cues, a Loop section with Auto and Manual Loop, Reverse, and dedicated Filters on each deck, the mix decisions you make are instantly realized at the push of a button

The high-contrast screens with adjustable waveform displays allow easy visualization of the changes you are making to each of your tracks. And the Variable Pitch Control, Master Tempo control, and BPM Lock allow you to put the big picture, of matching tempos and keys to one another, together with ease.
Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 Review
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Digital DJ Tips Full Review:: 2015/05/review-pioneer-ddj-wego3

We review Pioneer DJ's high selling controller, the DDJ-WeGO3, their third incarnation for the WeGO series. Intended for use with iPad and iPhone, the versatile WeGO3 functions well with various software, including Algoriddim's djay, VirtualDJ, Traktor Pro, and Serato DJ. Talking points include battery capabilities, connections, portability, colorful LED feedback, auto-loop function, jog FX with jogwheel wet/dry control, and unique overall design. While it has limitations, we consider them a positive - simple to use, fun, not overwhelmed with features, and very accessible. This controller pairs well with beginner, party DJs, or those simply on the go. For more in-depth info, check out the full article review.
Pioneer DJM 750 MK2 - Demo & Review
Here is our review for the 4 channel DJM 750 MK2 mixer from Pioneer DJ.

For more reviews, lessons, tips & tricks head to our website:
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Talkthrough Video
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DDJT Full Review: 2016/03/review-video-pioneer-ddj-sb2-serato-dj-rekordbox-controller/
Pioneer Remix Station RMX-500 Review
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Digital DJ Tips Full Review: 2015/05/review-pioneer-rmx-500

If you're looking to differentiate yourself as a DJ, utilize Pioneer FX gear at a venue, or incorporate production into live sets, the Pioneer Remix Station RMX-500 offers a fully featured solution. A performance-driven piece of hardware, the RMX-500 negates the need for software, although it can function as a VST for production purposes. This video review demonstrates each available effect, and goes through its powerful drum sequencer. For more on the Remix Station, head over to our full article review.
Your First Day With: Serato DJ
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Digital DJ Tips Full Review: 2014/08/your-first-day-with-serato-dj/

Before utilizing everything Serato DJ has to offer, it's important to have the software set up correctly. This video tutorial highlights the differences between Serato DJ and Serato DJ Intro, and walks through installation, account activation, as well as importing tracks. Stick around for the extra bonus content! And make sure to check out the full article review for more details.
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