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XD80USB High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set
In this video we take you through the sounds of the XD80USB, a High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set with 175 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets, LCD Display and USB/MIDI Interface.
Behringer XD80USBtesting/Karnivool - likelife(drum cover) by Leo Sánchez
Este es mi primer video prueba de una bateria electronica espero les guste, saludos!!

This is my first testing video of my new electronic drums, hope you enjoy, greetings!

Camera / Igor Sánchez Robles
Video Editing by Leonardo Sánchez Robles
Recorded and mixed by Igor Sánchez Robles @ Cromatix Studios



3 x 12" Dual-zone Cymbals

3 s 8" Dual-zone Tom Pads, 1 x 8" Dual-zone Snare Pad

1 x Kick Pedal, 1 x Kick Pad Stand, 1 x Hi Hat Trigger Pedal, 1 x Drum Rack with Mounting Hardware

Zildjian Zht 10" Splash

Paiste Pst 8 16" China
Behringer XD80Usb
Demo de la bateria eléctrica Behringer XD80Usb
Behringer XD80 Overview
The new Behringer XD80 is very attractive and it's not just the price. John Hernandez goes over the kit, the sounds, and why this kit is something you should check out. To purchase this kit or get more information please visit us at
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set Sound Sample and Demo
James from Roland visits Steve Weiss Music to demo the new Roland TD-50KV. Available at: product/roland-td-50-kv-v-drums-electronic-drum-set/electronic-percussion
Behringer XD80 review after 8 months
I have owned the XD80 for 8 months. One of the pads stopped voicing as loud as it is supposed to. I sent it to Behringer for repair. They have a 3 year warranty.
It sounds really good. Cost $399.
We do a short comparison between the XD80 and the alesis DM7x
We tend to use it as a midi controller. It has many good points. I would recommend it. WE gig with this kit four times a month and practice with it three or four times a week for about 2-3 hours.

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The Best Electronic Drumsets For $300
These are the best (and worst) electronic drum sets for $300. This is meant to be a guide for those in the market for a new (and cheap) electronic drumset.

DDrum Beta XP Review:

Carlsbro First Impressions Video (very old)

Drummer Tshirts:

Drum Heartbeat:
Drum Revolution:
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Carlsbro CSD130
Good: VERY compact, pads don’t wobble much and feels solid. The rubber pads feel good
Bad: TERRIBLE sounds, and it costs $50 too much

DD Beta (no kick pad)
Good: It extends like crazy. I’m over six foot tall, and I can make this thing almost TOO big for me. Actually has a kick pad. Sounds are very raw and might appeal to some.
Bad: It doesn’t feel very high quality. Module is confusing. No kick pad

Behringer XD8USB
Good: One of the better sound modules on this price range, solid pad sizes
Bad: multipin cable, not a fan of that, can’t use double kick pedal.

Simmons SD300
Good: comes preassembled, usb midi out,
Bad: Nothing in this kit really stands out honestly. It's not the best sounding module, and the pads aren’t really that big either. Its also doesn’t use a kick drum pad.

Alesis Nitro
Good: has some of the best sounds in this price range. Has the kick drum tower. And is one of the newest kits at this price range.
Bad: the pads aren’t quite as big as the Behringer

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Roland TD25K Electronic Drum Kit
catalogsearch/result/?q=Roland+TD-25&order=relevance&dir=desc The difference between the TD-25k and TD-25KV is that the KV comes with 3 cymbals (2 x CY12 Crashes & CY-13 Ride) with the TD-25K you will get 1 crash and ride. There are also subtle differences in the rack that is provided. The drum pads also differ slightly on both models. The TD-25K comes with the same mesh heads used on the TD-11. The TD-25KV has more sensitive pads that have a larger playing surface area. The Snare, Hi-Hat & module remain the same with both models.

The Roland TD-25 is the next model up from the TD-11 in the V-Drums series. The TD-25 uses the sound engine from the flagship TD-30 and again uses Roland's SuperNatural technology that creates a realisitc drumming experience. The TD-25 has a triggering time on 2.9 milliseconds for lightening fast response to your playing.

The TD-25 is specifically designed to be easy to use but it's also extremely easy to customise at the same time. It features 18 preset kits and a further 18 slots to create your own. The simplied interface on the module makes it quick and easy to dial in your sound and get playing.

The TD-25K and TD-15KV both have a much larger rack than previous electric kits in the range which give the kit a similar size to a regular acoustic kit. It also ships with 2 cymbals (2 crashes and 1 ride with 3 trigger zones). They also come with VH-11 Hi-hats which physically look like acoustic hats.

The TD-25 kit is compatible with any kick drum pedal including double kick drum pedals and the Snare drum has positional sensors to replicate an acoustic snare. a great feature for replicating rudiments and ghost notes. 2 additional trigger inputs are available on the TD-25 module.

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Alesis Crimson E-Drum Kit Sound Demo (no talking)
Alesis Crimson E-Drum Kit Sound Demo

Full review in German: artikel/einzelansicht/
Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Kit Demo
Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Kit Demo

The Behringer XD8USB drum kit is a great kit for beginners (like me) and has a number of great sounding kits for different styles of music. It can do anything from an acoustic style drum kit through to a dance/techno style beats. The Behringer XD8USB drum kit is a great kit for the price and is perfect for me to record and create backing tracks thanks to the Aux out on the unit.

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BEHRINGER XD8USB - электронная ударная установка
Электронная ударная установка BEHRINGER XD8USB 1Ogm2XD – это простое и доступное решение для начинающих барабанщиков. Полный набор пэдов, быстрая сборка-разборка, надёжная и устойчивая рама, разъём USB для подключения к компьютеру, полноценная педаль для басового барабана – сложно найти другую установку такого уровня за эту цену. Электронный модуль содержит 123 встроенных звука и 15 готовых пресетов установок. Имеются функции записи, метронома, несколько встроенных «минусов» и вход для подключения mp3-плеера, чтобы можно было играть вместе с любимыми исполнителями. Послушайте звучание модели BEHRINGER XD8USB в нашем видеоролике!

0:13 Краткий рассказ о характеристиках установки
0:38 Обзор модуля
1:14 Демонстрация звучания установки
4:42 Звучание установки с запрограммированным минусом
5:45 Обзор функции записи
6:14 Музыкальная зарисовка, звучание установки в миксе

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Badass Metal Drumkit converted to E Drum
I got sick of my overly complicated drum recording workflow, so I decided to convert my pretty big acoustic drumkit into a pretty big electronic drumkit.
Now I'm able to record the whole drumkit without microphones or preams just with a little MIDI to USB cable... awesome!

The intro song is:

Fake Smile Revolution - Ignorance

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XD80USB Test - Strange Deja Vu (Dream Theater)
It's my first recording test using xd80usb.
sorry for the bad performance :).
Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Kit Demo - Nevada Music UK
Buy here... drums/electronic/alesis-dm6-usb-electronic-drum-kit The Alesis DM6 USB Electronic Drum Kit features realistic, natural-feeling playing surfaces, to reduce vibration feedback, Alesis selected natural rubber drum and cymbal surfaces for the DM6 USB Kit's pads. This five-piece kit gets you started on a dual-zone snare pad for dual-sound compatibility so for example you can assign a snare drum sound in the centre of the drum and a rim click, rimshot, or something totally different like a cowbell on the rim ..

The DM6 USB Kit also comes with three tom pads, an upright kick drum pad, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal pads. Alesis have included their own bass drum pedal and the kick pad is compatible with any single or double bass drum pedal that would suit your own personal feel.

Withe the Alesis DM6 USB the user can edit and save customised sound drum kits and in all there are 10 pre-sets and 5 customisable memory patches. In addition to the sounds in the DM6 module, there's a USB output that sends the notes you play out as MIDI signal, so you can use the DM6 as a trigger-to-MIDI interface with drum-module software such as BFD, Toontrack, or Reason for an alternative collection of sounds.

The DM6 has headphone and amplifier outputs so you can play undisturbed using the phones or connect up to an amplified audio source and rock out, there's also the ability to connect an iPod or CD player and mix it in with the DM6's stereo input jack. The DM6 module has a metronome, an essential tool for keeping steady time whether you're practicing alone or with a band, additionally the Alesis DM6 USB also has a built-in sequencer with 40 pre-set music tracks for play along to.

The DM6 USB Kit mounts onto a heavy-duty aluminum rack and the standard 1 1/2" tubing enables you to expand and grow the kit with Alesis's own and other brands' clamps and mounts. The kit also comes with a full set of mounting hardware and cables, as well as rugged kick drum and hi-hat pedals.
Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit Top w/ 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit
p w/ 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit
Product Features
7 Drum Pads with Touch Sensitivity - 2 Pedals Pad Layout - 25 Preset Drum Kits
5 User Kits - 215 Percussion Voices - 100 songs
1 Demo Song - USB Port (MIDI In/Out)
Sold as: Unit

Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe (drum cover)
e-drum: Behringer XD8USB | cam: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 | audio rec: Audacity 100% free!
Jamming Out On My TD11K Electronic Drum Set
This is a simply video of my playing my Roland TD11K electronic drum set. I was about to jam out for a bit and decided to record it and create a compilation. I played for quite a while but only took small bits of the drumming session so that you could get a feel for some of the different beats that I was playing.

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REVIEW Alesis Nitro 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit (1 year review)
This is my review of the Alesis Nitro 8-piece electric drumset. Overall, it's an inexpensive option out there that works at $299. Yes, doesn't work great, but a practice set that should get the job done.

I hope this video helps with your research - to buy or not to buy.

Amazon's description:
Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, and 10" Cymbals
Dynamic, comfortable pads for great feel and natural response
8" high quality rubber drum pads (dual-zone snare, three single-zone toms)
Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included
10" cymbals: ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash w/choke
4-post aluminum rack-super solid for stability and flexibility

Musician's Friend description:

The Alesis Nitro is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything you need to play like a pro. It features three dynamic 8" tom pads—a 8" dual-zone snare drum for great feel and natural response, plus a kick drum pad with pedal. Three 10" cymbals, including a crash with choke, give you a virtually unlimited range of playing expression and the 4-post aluminium mounting rack keeps everything solid and secure. The setup also includes the powerful Nitro electronic drum module with hundreds of percussion sounds, 40 different kits and 60 built-in play-along tracks.

The Nitro module is filled with sounds—and surprises. The backlit LCD screen makes navigation a breeze. Drum and cymbal buttons are arranged to resemble the layout of a traditional kit, so it’s simple to assign sounds and create kits quickly. The Nitro module comes complete with 40 classic and modern ready-to-play kits. Easily tweak any existing kit, or create your own using the 385 superior drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds included in the Nitro module.

Inside the Nitro module you’ll also find valuable extras. The built-in learning features, sixty play-along music tracks, and an onboard metronome allow you to improve your skills. There is even an advanced sequencer and a performance recorder to expand your music-making potential.

In addition to the USB MIDI connection for use with computers and mobile devices, the Nitro module also offers up some old school MIDI I/O jacks so you can hook up to your favorite MIDI-equipped drum machine, sound module or other audio gear. There is a headphone jack for private practice, plus stereo outs to connect to a PA system, amplifier, or recording console. The stereo aux input allows you to jam along to your favorite tracks on your CD or MP3 player.

REVIEW Alesis Nitro 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit (1 year review)
Behringer XD80 USB Drum review
I just bought this drum kit. It works frame is strong. It is also light, thus easy to carry. It is easy to fold down the pads or disassemble for travel.
The pedal it comes with is good.
The sounds in it are good.
The midi does not misfire.
It is accurately capturing what the drummer is playing.

It has midi out and In. I connected it to the Boss DR 880 and it worked great.
I connected it to my Akai MPC4000 and it triggers the drums sounds perfectly. That is really what I wanted it for.

The behringer sounds in it are really good. So now I have a large library of drum sounds to layer or use by themselves.

I plugged it into my Behringe K3000 keyboard amp and I have it turned down in the video. There is also a volume knob on the module. This video was just to see if the bands drummer actually liked it. He used to work at guitar center.

I went to guitar center and they did not know about this drum kit. After talking to the staff they called a distributor and told me that they could order it from a warehouse.
I went online and called sweetwater and they did not have it either. Though it is on their website. THey said it will come in about a month.
I then called Full Compass, They had one left. I bought it from them and it got to my studio in 5 days.

The pads are great. You can hear them a little as the drummer plays. Not loud enough to distract you while performing or the audience.

I think Behringer has done really well.

There is no midi implementation chart just instruction on how to assemble.

It has 64 polyphony.
Review: Alesis DM10 Electronic Drum Kit - (2016)
This video review of the Alesis DM10 studio mesh kit explains how the electronic drum set works and includes demos of the built-in sounds. Check the written review for a list of pros and cons and more details: review-alesis-dm10-studio-mesh-electronic-drum-kit-video/

Alesis DM10 at Amazon: 1V6gQLo

If you found this video helpful please consider using the Amazon affiliate link above the next time you purchase something online. These videos take a lot of time and effort to put together so thank you for your support.
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