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XD80USB High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set
In this video we take you through the sounds of the XD80USB, a High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set with 175 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets, LCD Display and USB/MIDI Interface.
Электронная ударная установка MEDELI DD505
Электронная ударная установка начального уровня MEDELI DD505 NpLOsw отличается очень выгодным соотношением цена-качество. Похожие модели более известных марок стоят дороже, при аналогичном функционале и надёжности. В остальном, это типичная установка для домашних занятий. Стандартная конфигурация и ожидаемое, слегка «пластмассовое» звучание. Важная информация для любителей тяжёлой музыки: крупный пэд басового барабана позволяет использовать кардан. Сам кардан в комплект не входит, также как и специальный стул. Зато всё остальное на месте: 4 пэда барабанов, 3 пэда тарелок, 1 пэд бочки, педали бочки и хай-хэта и электронный модуль. Больше информации об этом инструменте, а также примеры его звучания, вы найдёте в этом видео-обзоре.

0:09 Краткий рассказ о характеристиках барабанной установки MEDELI DD505
1:31 Демонстрация звучания барабанной установки MEDELI DD505
6:12 Звучание барабанной установки MEDELI DD505 со встроенными минусами

➤ Если вы хотите приобрести MEDELI DD 505 со скидкой в 7% или получить от нас консультацию по другим электронным барабанам, вы можете нам написать на viktor@ или позвонить: Москва - 8(495) 739-2223, Санкт-Петербург - 8(812)677-09-59, многоканальный бесплатный для всей России 8(800)250-55-00

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Yamaha Stage Custom Birch & Paiste Signature Precision / Formula 602 Modern Essential
Darran Muller from Yamaha Australia plays the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Kit and Paiste Cymbals at Kosmic's Gearfest 2013.

For more information or to purchase this kit or cymbals visit
Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Kit Demo - Sweetwater Sound
Get the TD-1K here: store/detail/TD1K

Johnny Rabb gives an in-depth tour of the Roland TD-1K electronic drum kit. Enjoy the demo, then click the link above for even more on the Roland TD-1K!
Badass Metal Drumkit converted to E Drum
I got sick of my overly complicated drum recording workflow, so I decided to convert my pretty big acoustic drumkit into a pretty big electronic drumkit.
Now I'm able to record the whole drumkit without microphones or preams just with a little MIDI to USB cable... awesome!

The intro song is:

Fake Smile Revolution - Ignorance

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YAMAHA DTX 542K SERIES Electric Drum Kit Demo
Guitar Center's Product Spotlight showcases
the Yamaha DTX 502 Series Electric Drum Kit.
Check it out at any Guitar Center store or online: 1dRjH00
Behringer XD80Usb
Demo de la bateria eléctrica Behringer XD80Usb
Roland TD-17 Series Electronic Drum Kit [REVIEW]
THE SECRET'S OUT…. Roland have just released the greatest advance in electronic drumming, ever - The TD-17 V-Drums Series! kosmic-roland-td-17

The Roland TD-17 is ideal for artists looking for cutting edge sound technology and you'll feel right at home with a large 12” snare that’s tension adjustable for the perfect rebound and feel.

The Roland TD-17 is exactly what you need to take your career to the next level!

Come in to Kosmic Sound right now and be the first to try this amazing new kit or purchase online!

More info: kosmic-roland-td-17

0:08 - Introduction to Roland TD17 KVX
0:34 - Internal Songs for play-along
1:04 - Snare drum
1:34 - Specifications
2:10 - Adding Samples
2:58 - Bluetooth
3:34 - Wrap Up
Kraft Music - KAT Percussion KT3 Digital Drum Set Demo with Mark Moralez
Want to hear more playing and less talking? Check out our performance video here: SmiUahRU2m8

Find exclusive KAT KT3 BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Mark Moralez demonstrates the KAT KT3 Digital Drum Set at Kraft Music.

Serving percussionists since 1985, KAT Percussion utilized their experience in offering electronic instruments for percussionists, to create the KT line of digital drum sets. Featuring over 150 sounds, all three levels of these durable sets offer sounds and drum kit set-ups carefully crafted and engineered by professional drummers, giving you a truly realistic sound whether practicing at home through headphones or performing live on stage. These kits also include up to 100 built-in songs for hours of play-along fun, as well as a metronome to help you keep time like a pro.

Kraft Music offers these digital drum sets in different money-saving BUNDLES. Our DRUM ESSENTIALS BUNDLE ships with extra "essential" hardware such as a kick drum pedal and throne. Our COMPLETE DRUM BUNDLE includes a powered speaker (if you're going electric, you'll want to be heard!).

If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist in choosing the right digital drum set and bundle for you!
Best Electronic Drumsets For Complete Beginners
If you're at complete 0, and you want to get an electronic drumset to learn on, I've got a handfull of decent drumsets to get you started. The First one is the Alesis Forge. It's at $500, it has a large snare, and a kickdrum tower (somthing that's a bit rare at this price) If you can spend a tad more money, check out the Yamaha DTX522k. It has all 3-zone cymbals, a really nice snare, and a great sound module.
I don't recomend spending $2000 on your first drumset, start with a solid, lower priced drumset, see if drumming is for you, and go from there.

Here's the link the videos on the Best Electronic Drumsets for $300, $500, $800, $1000, and $1500:

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Handy Way To Record Your Electronic Drums:

Here's a tutorial on how to use it ^

My Favorite Drum Throne:

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Roland TD25K Electronic Drum Kit
catalogsearch/result/?q=Roland+TD-25&order=relevance&dir=desc The difference between the TD-25k and TD-25KV is that the KV comes with 3 cymbals (2 x CY12 Crashes & CY-13 Ride) with the TD-25K you will get 1 crash and ride. There are also subtle differences in the rack that is provided. The drum pads also differ slightly on both models. The TD-25K comes with the same mesh heads used on the TD-11. The TD-25KV has more sensitive pads that have a larger playing surface area. The Snare, Hi-Hat & module remain the same with both models.

The Roland TD-25 is the next model up from the TD-11 in the V-Drums series. The TD-25 uses the sound engine from the flagship TD-30 and again uses Roland's SuperNatural technology that creates a realisitc drumming experience. The TD-25 has a triggering time on 2.9 milliseconds for lightening fast response to your playing.

The TD-25 is specifically designed to be easy to use but it's also extremely easy to customise at the same time. It features 18 preset kits and a further 18 slots to create your own. The simplied interface on the module makes it quick and easy to dial in your sound and get playing.

The TD-25K and TD-15KV both have a much larger rack than previous electric kits in the range which give the kit a similar size to a regular acoustic kit. It also ships with 2 cymbals (2 crashes and 1 ride with 3 trigger zones). They also come with VH-11 Hi-hats which physically look like acoustic hats.

The TD-25 kit is compatible with any kick drum pedal including double kick drum pedals and the Snare drum has positional sensors to replicate an acoustic snare. a great feature for replicating rudiments and ghost notes. 2 additional trigger inputs are available on the TD-25 module.

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Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit Demo - Sweetwater Sound
Get the DTX400K here: store/detail/DTX400K

Steve Fisher from Yamaha presents the DTX400K electronic drum kit here at Sweetwater Sound. Enjoy the demo, then click the link above for even more info on the DTX400K!
Alesis Forge Vs Alesis Nitro
The Forge and Nitro are two options everyone considers when on a budget of $300-$500. But how do they stack up? Is the forge worth the extra money?

Those Videos I mentioned:

How To Stop A Kickdrum from Moving:

Alesis Nitro First Impressions:

Alesis Forge Sound Examples:

Alesis Nitro Sound Examples:

Snare: 11” (dual)
Toms: 8” (single zone)
Kick: Unknown
Crash: 10” (choke)
Ride: 10”
Hihat: 10”

Aluminum Silver Rack
MIDI In and Out
Sounds: 600
Kits: 50 + 20
Sample Import: Yes
2 extra inputs

Snare: 8” (dual)
Toms: 8” (single)
Kick: unknown
Crash: 10” (choke)
Ride: 10”
Hihat: 10”

Aluminum Rack
MIDI In and Out
Sounds: 385
Kits: 40
Sample Import: No
2 extra inputs

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Behringer XD80 Overview
The new Behringer XD80 is very attractive and it's not just the price. John Hernandez goes over the kit, the sounds, and why this kit is something you should check out. To purchase this kit or get more information please visit us at
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set Sound Sample and Demo
James from Roland visits Steve Weiss Music to demo the new Roland TD-50KV. Available at: product/roland-td-50-kv-v-drums-electronic-drum-set/electronic-percussion
Behringer XD8USB - I'm Alive (Helloween's Drum Cover)
Drum covering in a bad day, bad sound, bad timing, bad mixing ... Still using Behringer XD8USB e-drum w/ Roland KD8 kickpad + Yamaha DTX400 ridepad =D ... Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for recording video & Audacity for audio.
Roland V-Drums TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set Review by Sweetwater Sound
Get the Roland TD-25KV kit here: store/detail/TD25KVSet

In this video I am demonstrating the Roland V-Drums TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set.

The first thing I have to say about this electronic drum kit is WOW! Roland has really made a great piece of gear with the TD-25KV. The sounds are great and amazingly real, the pads feel really good, and the main user interface is streamlined and very easy to use.

With the TD-25KV you get nine pads, the rack with all of the pad and cymbal mounts, and the TD-25 brain. The only pieces that do not come with the kit are the hi-hat stand, kick drum pedal, and throne. It is worth mentioning here that any standard hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal will work with the TD-25KV. You get two 10" PDX-100 pads for the snare and floor tom, and the two rack tom pads are the 8" PD-85 model. These pads come with Roland's mesh playing surface that is super comfortable to play on. The kick pad is the KD-9 which also has the same mesh surface, only in black, and it feels great like the other pads.

The two crash cymbals are the 12" CY-12's and the ride is a 13" CY-13R. The final piece is the hi-hat which is the VH-11. It is a single pad for the top and a round cylinder that goes onto the hi-hat rod just like a normal bottom cymbal would. The feel of all of the pads are quite amazing. The hi-hat really reacts like an acoustic hi-hat. The Cymbal pads move freely and the sound of the cymbals have been modeled to have all of the qualities of an acoustic cymbal. The snare and tom pads feel great and with Positional Sensing on the snare pad you can play it like an acoustic snare with true acoustic reactions all the way to the edge of the drum and back to the center.

The heartbeat of the whole set up is the TD-25 brain. A compact version of the big brother TD-30, it is small and easy to navigate. There are 18 internal drum kits set up in genres. Simply turn the knob to a particular genre and then push the knob to toggle between the different kits. Every kit in the brain is fully customizable by a simple turn of a few clearly labeled knobs on the top section of the unit. If you change up a kit and don't like what you came up with you can easily get back to the original. One of the best features is the USB compatibility this machine has. You can connect the TD-25 directly to your computer and you can also put MP3's or WAV files onto a USB key and connect that to the TD-25. With the USB key connected you can play along with tracks for practice and you can also record yourself playing on top of those tracks.

If you are looking at getting into an electronic kit that has the pro features from the most high end Roland V-Drum kit, sounds amazing, feels great, and that will work in any live music application, then I encourage you to look at this Roland TD-25KV electronic drum kit. They have really put a lot of amazing technology together to make one truly fun drumming experience.

-- Nick D'Virgilio
Electronic Drum Kit :: Yamaha DTXpress IV 4 Review
Something a little different for my subscribers! I've been playing drums for about 12 years now, and I thought I'd share my weapon of choice with you guys!
Roland TD-1K vs Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit - A&C Hamilton
Our drum specialist Richard has done a comparison of the Roland TD-1K versus the Yamaha DTX400K. All sounds are songs are built-in to their respective models, and are presented without any editing or post-production. Which do you prefer? Leave us a comment.

For more information, contact us at A&C Hamilton on 01772 722468.
Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Kit Demo
Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Kit Demo

The Behringer XD8USB drum kit is a great kit for beginners (like me) and has a number of great sounding kits for different styles of music. It can do anything from an acoustic style drum kit through to a dance/techno style beats. The Behringer XD8USB drum kit is a great kit for the price and is perfect for me to record and create backing tracks thanks to the Aux out on the unit.

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