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What DJs REALLY do


Check out my latest progressive house mix: justarman/the-dark-hour-vol-9

Or what they SHOULD be doing with their time, when they are not playing a pre-recorded set!

After the video of Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, and Sander van Doorn from a festival went viral, where all 3 were "DJing" together, and Art Department criticized them for it, and someone made a similar video of them to a make them eat their words, I thought it would be fun to show people what DJs REALLY do, or what they SHOULD be doing instead of playing air guitar, twiddling knobs necessarily, or generally doing the same thing the crowd is doing but in the DJ booth.

For everyone that has been asking, the tracks are:

1) Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep in Louise
2) Green Velvet - Bigger than Prince (Hot Since 82 remix)

Also, some shameless self-promotion: check out my SoundCloud page at justarman to hear some tech house, techno, and dark/deep progressive mixes.



First 10 minutes on DJ Decks | Beginner DJ lessons .com


In this tutorial, you are going to have your first DJ lesson. If you are new and searching for a beginner DJ lesson, then I can help. I will teach you all about hot cues, loading songs and generally what everything on the DJ decks do. If you have never used DJ decks before then, this can be your first DJ lesson!
Rozz - Mixing on 4 CDJs Vol 3
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an Marley - Welcome To Jamrock
. Dre ft Snoop Dog - Still Dre
3.D.O.D - Pop Pop
e Aoki, Diplo & Deorro - Freak (feat. Steve Bays)
urd & Jauz - Rock The Party
& TJR - Mic Check
tdown acapella
tri Vegas, Like Mike & VINAI - Louder (Original Mix)
tyfools - Go (Original Mix)
- Makhor
in Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love (DIY Acapella)
beatz - Tornado
kie - Who Is Ready To Jump
Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
ual Riot - Warm Ups
tri Vegas & Like Mike vs W&W - Arcade
Punk - Harder Better Faster


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DON'T BUY a Pioneer DDJ SB or Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 Until You've Seen This!
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Jeremy Wicks from GetintheMix and WhyBuyNew takes an out-of-the-box look at the all new budget controller from Pioneer, the DDJ-SB and compares it to the current leading digital DJ controller in it's price-range, the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2.

It's a video aimed at folks after a controller for less than £200.

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MOBILE DJ TIPs: How to set up a DJ System (Speakers & Lights)
VLOG 184 - MOBILE DJ TIPs: How to set up a DJ System (Speakers & Lights) | How to connect Speakers and Lights | How to set up your DJ Equipment | Setting up a Mobile DJ System | HOSA Cable Review

Special Thanks to HOSA for providing the equipment.

Hosa Store: 2yp0LNf
Hosa XLR Basic: 2iVlEJ0
Hosa XLR Pro: 2iq4VJK
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Hosa Gaffers Tape: 2z8N0iM
Hosa IEC Cable: 2z8LsFq
Hosa AC Power: 2ipRvxq
Hosa Power Con: 2zbh5yp
Hosa Power Distributer: 2xQVJ7P

Cable Label Maker: 2z9yIhT
Label Tap: 2gXkZCk

ADJ Focus Spot: 2ypMFeq
ADJ Mega Hex: 2iq2abz
ADJ UB 12H: 2xTQg05

Peavey Speaker: 2ipFx71
Peavey Subwoofer: 2hy2Hs3
Peavey Sound System: 2xSThxO

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VLOG Music By: Quads


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- Chauvet Intimidator 355: 2u1qQxO
- Chauvet Swarm: 2tGydaM

Mixers (I Use/ Recommend )
- Pioneer SB (New DJs): 2iIqEzW
- Pioneer DJ SR (Beginner DJs): 2glnJsO
- Pioneer DJ SX2 (Intermediate DJs): 2uICEH4
- Pioneer DJM 850 Mixer : 2jnmaLu
- Pioneer CDJ 2000: 2io2icO

- JBL PRX715: 2itiABR
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DJ Tools
- Pioneer Headphones: 2vIfKMS
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- AKG Wireless Microphone: 2kGziM2
- Microphone Desk Stand: 2kGx2Ev
- Speaker Tripod: 2wVbCNU
- Subwoofer Poles: 2lfTSG1
- Laptop Stand: 2vIjwG3
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- XLR Cables: 2l4y2mZ
- Surge Protector: 2l89fh3
- Extension Cord: 2x8XgbP
- Gaffers Tape: 2wle5Qd

DJ Accessories
- Gator Tripod Bag: 2l1nlU1
- Tripod Scrims: 2x8VEyL
- 5FT Table: 2tpENHj
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VLOG GEAR (w/Purchase Links)

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-Lexar Memory Card: 2io1swA

-Manfrotto Backpack: 2igEXve
-Manfrotto Travel Tripod: 2jA4zPO

Edited On: Final Cut Pro X


ABOUT ME: I was born March 06, 1992 in Nicaragua. I currently live in New Jersey, USA. I am an open-format Club and Mobile DJ. I enjoy making and sharing VLOGs about my life as a pro DJ and my travels around the world. I hope you find my videos entertaining. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Martin Garrix at Kiss FM (UK) for the #MondayMixtape
Every Monday night at 23:30, AJ presents the KISS #MondayMixtape! It's a fresh set from a hot DJ/Producer and this time it's Martin Garrix of 'Animals' fame!
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Plug and Play Pioneer CDJs with Traktor
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Computer in your DJ set-up #1 connecting your computer to your mixer.
This is video 1 in a series of videos about connecting your computer to your DJ set-up.
This video is about connecting 2 stereo channels of audio into your mixer to use DJ software with an external mixer.

The appropriate links are bellow.

Here is the link for the Behringer UCA 202. (the place I got It from)

they do also ship world-wide.

If you cant get hold of the UCA 202 or don't want to use one than another alternative is the CITRONIC AC1, its a bit more expensive but its pretty much the same thing, also the NUMARK STEREO IO, again pretty much the same thing similar price.

Links for these bellow.



also a good place to get cheap audio cables , some links bellow.

RCA to RCA (Phono to Phono)
RCA to stereo jack (Phono to jack)

Thank you for watching, NICE ONE!!!
Dj Tutorial. How to mix ,chop old school tunes
Dj Tutorial. How to mix ,chop old school tunes
most ols schoo, tunes will not have a steady bpm so quite offen its best to cut the next tune in and not mix it in.
Getting started as a DJ: Mixing, mashups and digital turntables - Cole Plante
View full lesson: lessons/getting-started-as-a-dj-mixing-mashups-and-digital-turntables-cole-plante

DJ and producer Cole Plante is only 17 years old, but he's already worked alongside industry superstars Skrillex, Avicii and Major Lazer (to name just a few). In this combination talk and DJ set, Plante shows off his mixing magic and gives tips to aspiring DJs.

Talk by Cole Plante.
How To Set Up Your DJ Equipment
1:06 - Connecting your DJ setup | 4:09 - Connecting CDJs with LAN cables | 6:54 - How to use the Fader Start function on CDJs | 9:15 -Mixer outputs | 11:56 - How to update your CDJ firmware | 13:06 - Switching on & testing your DJ setup | 16:06 - Using headphones with your DJ setup

Point Blank's Lead DJ Instructor Ben Bristow takes you through the basics of how to set up your CDJs and mixer. For information on our DJ courses in London head here :: 2r8mjKL

Point Blank is The Global Music School, with courses in London, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Mumbai and Online. Voted 'Best Electronic Music School' by DJ Mag, you can learn music production, sound engineering, DJ'ing and much more via our online courses or in our state-of-the-art studios::
Juicy M showing how to mix without headphones on vinyl, DVS and CDJs
Juicy M showing how to play without headphones using regular vinyl, Serato Scratch Live and CDJs at ProDJ Center ()
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I'm not suggesting you to play without headphones. Actually I use it all the time when I'm playing my sets in the clubs. It's just an example of what is possible and how to do this. So you know next time - nothing really strange if DJs are not using headphones.
Let's start with "Why do we actually need headphones when we are mixing"? First of all we need them to adjust speed of two tracks to the same BPM.
And second, we need them to set up a "CUE POINT" - point when we're starting a transition.
1. Regular vinyl
So first things first, how to adjust speed without headphones? IT's EASY! All you need is to know BPM of each can count it and write down on your records.
For example you can use this site to count BPM on your vinyls:
The main trick here is that you have to play your set in the same certain speed all the time.
For presetting cue point on regular vinyl you will need 2 stickers, one sticker will push a needle to the groove where your cue point is and second sticker will show you position of the cue in this particular groove.
More information on placing stickers on djTLMtv: watch?v=fqrGf8jJlaA
There's one problem here however - you can't play the part with the sticker on it and glueing all these stickers will take your time... a lot of time. That's why I would rather use this technic for competitions like DMC or if I really want to impress someone. In other situations I suggest you using headphones but keeping BPMs and pointing stickers on your records which will speed up you mixing greatly.
2. Digital Vinyl Systems
Digital Vinyl Systems, like Serato, Traktor and many others are very popular because it's VERY easy to use and actually it's the easiest way to mix without headphones because you have your BPM and track information on the screen of your laptop and you can preset up to 5 on Serato and up to 8 Cue points on Traktor, which gives you a great capabilities for your creativity, especially if you're using additional MIDI-controllers like Novation Dicers.
3. CDJs
The same thing with CDJs - you can see BPM of the track on the display and you can preset up to 10 cue points plus 3 hot cue points using rekordbox or memory button on your players and instead of two channels on serato you can use 4 CDJs which doubles space for your creativity! That's why it's my favorite setup

Tracks used in tittles:
1. Jurassic 5 - Future Sound (Instrumental)
2. LMFAO feat. Lil Jon - Shots
3. Marcel Woods, Allure - Are You Ready (Original Mix)

Tracklist on regular vinyls:
1. Crooklyn Clan - Let's Get Ill
2. Maliq feat. Weezy - How We Do (Partymix by DJ Van Tell)
3. Mark Ronson - Opp Medley: Mark Ronson Beatreat
4. Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy

Tracklist on Serato:
1. Tujamo, Plastik Funk vs. Baha Men - WHO Let The Dogs Out (Anthony Laim Mashup)
2. Steve Aoki, Tujamo & Chris Lake - Boneless (Original Mix)
3. Chuckie - Who Is Ready To Jump
4. Knife Party - Internet Friends
5. Bingo Players - Seven Nation Rattle (Milo & Mike Sound Famous Bootleg)

Tracklist on CDJs:
1. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers - Get Lucky (eSQUIRE Bootleg)
2. M83 - Midnight City (DJ Tool)
3. Henry Fong & Toby Green - Revival (Original Mix)
4. Martin Solveig - I Want You (Laidback Luke remix)
5. Pelari - Cango (Original Mix)
6. Tujamo - There It Is (Original Mix)
7. Michael Woods - Clanga (Original Mix)
8. Steve Angello - Yeah (Original Mix)
9. Powers That Be vs. Roland Clark - Planet Rock (Acapella)
10. Swanky Tunes - Blood Rush (Original Mix)

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How to DJ Part 1 | Cue Points in Serato Intro | Scratch DJ Academy
Scratch's own DJ Hapa runs down some basic DJ'ing how-to's using the new Hercules JogVision DJ Controller and Serato DJ Intro.

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Scratch DJ Academy, co-founded in 2002 by Rob Principe and the late Jam Master Jay of the legendary group Run DMC, has taught over 500,000 people from all 50 states and 35 countries at its five flagships and ten satellite locations.

With its copyrighted curriculum, state of the art equipment, local celebrity instructors, and emphasis on mentorship and community, Scratch DJ Academy offers introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses along with certification and professional programs, giving DJs and producers of all skill levels the opportunity to realize their aspirations.
How to DJ Free Video Tutorial 2013 - Beatmatching Perfectly | DJ Master Course
◄= How To DJ Fast

◄= Best Music Production Software

How to DJ Free Video Tutorial 2013 - Beatmatching Perfectly | DJ Master Course
Do you want to DJ like a pro quickly and easily?
Or would you rather spend months or even YEARS learning the basics of DJing like most DJs do only to give up in the end?...
In this 3+ hours of video that professional DJs like Danny Rampling call "the best DJ training videos on the market" you will learn to dj quickly and easily from secrets passed down by the biggest pro DJs in the world

How to DJ Free Video Tutorial 2013 - Beatmatching Perfectly | DJ Master Course
To make DJing easier for you I broke down the process of learning to DJ into Three essential steps:
1) DJ Gear
2) Beatmatching
3) Mixing
This video will ensure that you are not one of those rookie DJs that takes years to learn the basics! You'll be out playing the music you love a lot sooner than you think!

How to DJ Free Video Tutorial 2013 - Beatmatching Perfectly | DJ Master Course
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How to DJ Free Video Tutorial 2013 - Beatmatching Perfectly | DJ Master Course
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How to connect to a Pioneer DJM mixer by DJ Black Noise
Hey guys, just an informative video I decided to make while connecting my mixer. It's a Pioneer DJM 500 mixer but most of the information I mention in this video would apply for most of the latest Pioneer models. Anyway I hope you find it informative!

Don't forget to check out my facebook page too,
Picking Your First DJ Setup (Budgets and More)
This video was made for the DJ gear market of 2014, for more up-to-date recommendations, subscribe to my channel: christianjackson

Which setup is right for your style and budget? I'll talk you through the differences between controllers and decks as well as the best choices for different price ranges. For certain types of DJs, turntables and serato may be the best choice. For others, a Pioneer controller or CDJs work better.

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DJ'ing for Beginners - Learning the Basics about Audio Mixers
This video explains the basic functions of audio mixers. DJ Bolivia starts by talking about the Pioneer DJM-600, to illustrate a number of basic mixer concepts. He then goes on to explain the differences between the Pioneer mixer and a couple of other DJ mixers. Further into the video, he talks about a couple of "live sound" mixers, and explains some of the different functions on those mixers that are more suited to a live performance approach with bands, or recording studio use. At the end of the video, the viewer should have a pretty good idea of why mixers exist, and how to understand their general functions sufficiently that if you are faced with a brand new mixer that you've never seen before, you can figure out what the various controls are for.

Unfortunately, as of early 2014, YouTube annotations are not visible to mobile viewers, only to users watching on desktop browsers. I use annotations quite frequently to post clarifications and additional information during the video. For the best educational experience, you might prefer to watch this video in a desktop browser rather than on mobile, unless YouTube eventually fixes the mobile annotation deficiency.

For more information about DJ Bolivia, check out his websites at:


For a complete organized index list of music and DJ'ing-related videos by DJ Bolivia here on YouTube, go to this link:
How To DJ With A Laptop
As a beginner you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started djing. Check out how you can start to dj with just a laptop with this dj setup for beginners.

Want to learn more about djing? There are many courses on SkillShare. Sign up for a FREE 60 day trial with my link:
dj-course (affiliate)

▼▼▼Check Prices Below▼▼▼(affiliate links)

Behringer Ucontrol

Must have this cable!
to rca

I used a 2014 MacBook Pro, but you can get by with a PC. Here's a link to the latest MacBook Pro and Mac Air if you're budget conscience but want a Mac:

11.6" MacBook Air (affiliate link)

15" MacBook Pro (affiliate link)

I don't recommend a splitter but here's a link to one:
1ZNPvO4 (affiliate link)

USB Microphone - This is what I use. If you're not a gamer or podcaster you can save money with the DJ usb card instead.
Blue Yeti Blackout
1OAlbTF (affiliate link)

Zoom H1
1OAlePk (affiliate link)

Dj Headphones
Numark Red Wave
1ZNPJoE (affiliate link)

Bookshelf speakers. Not the same but similar to ones in video.
Edifer Studio
1OAlDkw (affiliate link)

Software Links


Looking for an inexpensive dj controller?
Check out my review of the DDJ SB2.

Have a bigger budget? This is my review of the sx2 and my favorite controller.
DJ'ing 101 with CDJ's, Traktor & Controllers | Lesson 1: DJ'ing Fundamentals | Pyramind
Get our Free 10 Lesson DJ101 Series: H0186gr0

Book a one-on-one online session with Will: H07n6_p0
DJ101 Part 2 Video now available: owu45uwFxSc

Learn more about Pyramind Training's DJ classes here: H017pdM0

Allen & Heath Xone 92 Mixer 1:32
Pioneer CDJ 2000 4:00
Basic DJ Set Techniques 6:49
Mixing Basics 15:07
Cueing with Headphones 24:40

Learn more about Pyramind Training here:

Course Overview:

Will Marshall is an in-demand DJ, consultant and coder who's worked with a who's who of top-tier talent and manufacturers. During his time as Artist-in-residence at Pyramind, he not only taught the on-campus DJing class but also found time to develop this online class, write new drivers for the Quneo (Keith McMillen Instruments), produce new tracks and consult with a dozen Intl. DJs and producers.

This ground-up look at the art of DJ'ing begins with the basic fundamentals of beat matching, followed by more advanced techniques such as 4 deck mixing, Traktor, effects, EQ, levels, stage presence and psychology, track selection, setup and more.
Learn How To DJ Mix In 6 Minutes Using Only Your PC (Beginners)
To learn how to produce music, check out: watch?v=h63-qDgBHyw

This is a video to show you within only 6 minutes how to DJ mix using only your PC and without paying a penny for software, hardware or equipment. Surely, the techniques described here will be called blasphemy by many DJs but for those considering giving DJing a try, this will be a great way to get started and see where things go from there.

This video breaks the DJing process into 9 steps, some of which are dirt simple:
1. Install Virtual DJ
2. Get 2 songs, preferably dance music songs that have the words "club mix" or "extended mix" in their names
3. Launch Virtual DJ
4. Load the 2 songs into Virtual DJ, one on each deck
5. Press Synch on one of the 2 decks to get the 2 songs to be at same tempo
6. Set Crossfader completely on the side of the deck you want to start playing first
7. Play your first song
8. When your first song has about 1 minute left and its beat marker at the top is at same location as the beat marker for your second song, play the second song and the immediately hit Synch. If you don't get the 2 markers in synch, you can press stop on your second song and try again until you get it.
9. Move crossfader slowly towards the new song's deck.
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