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Mobile DJ Setup Tour Pt2 | My Large Setup
My Small Setup... watch?v=9f7S3UMiQMQ

My Uplighting Setup... watch?v=R3UpNRHi-bI


Artist: Underwater Beats
Track: Delete [VIP Mix]
Download: lUY5Lf
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Artist: Okzide
Track: Hopeless Wishes
Download: RyP4Dc
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Mobile dj setup ///HD/// PLUSdj
Oprawa muzyczna imprez okolicznościowych -
Small Setup Time Lapse: Garden Party
Another time lapse! This time was an event we did for a birthday party, which was held in a garden. Gig Log coming soon (I have a backlog of stuff to upload.)
dj setup - synq, jb systems en briteq
opstelling licht en geluid
10 Best DJ Controllers 2017
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Please Note: Our choices for this wiki may have changed since we published this review video. Our most recent set of reviews in this category, including our selection for the year's best dj controller, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki.

Dj controllers included in this wiki include the behringer cmd studio 4a, numark nvii, numark mixdeck express, pioneer ddjsr, hercules instinct p8, gemini dj g4v, native instruments kontrol s4 mk2 , numark mixtrack pro 3, pioneer ddj-sb2, and reloop terminal mix 8.

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Aufbau DJ und Licht-Equipment
In diesem Video zeige ich euch im Zeitraffer, wie ich mein DJ und Lichtequipment aufbaue.

Ich könnt das verwendete und noch mehr Equipment z.B. für eine Gartenparty mieten:

Hier könnt ihr eine Liste mit allem meinem Equipment herunterladen:
Falls ihr Tipps habt, bitte in die Kommentare

AlexBeroza - Straight To The Light
AlexBeroza - Tell Somebody
grapes - I dunno
City pavilion Romford - DJ DHRUV - manhattan suite Mobile dj Setup Wedding
For London bookings contact


For other Dj's...

The most asked questions about this video.

The Dj booth isn't a facade it's a LITE CONSOLE XPRS mk2 .. it's around £1200. And you can laser cut your company logo on the front plate.
Picking Your First DJ Setup (Budgets and More)
This video was made for the DJ gear market of 2014, for more up-to-date recommendations, subscribe to my channel: christianjackson

Which setup is right for your style and budget? I'll talk you through the differences between controllers and decks as well as the best choices for different price ranges. For certain types of DJs, turntables and serato may be the best choice. For others, a Pioneer controller or CDJs work better.

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[HD] bpm events Aufbau Geburtstagsfeier
Aufbau einer privaten Geburtstagsfeier durch bpm events.
Weitere Info's zu unseren Events auf Facebook:
Set Up Test - The DJ Micro System's PA
My first test set-up. How did I do?
My Ultimate Mobile DJ Setup
What would be in your ultimate Mobile DJ setup? Let me know in the comments!


♫ Song [Electrode] - Artist [K-391]

Soundcloud: OfGBHe

Facebook: VZTtlv

YouTube: XjtIjC

Twitter: PDqowA

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How To Properly Mix Songs - Wedding DJ 101
In this video, DJ Bill Bara explains the improper and correct ways to beat mix songs together.
Mobile DJ setup DoubleBeat

Muziek: Will Sparks Phoenix
How To DJ With A Laptop
As a beginner you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started djing. Check out how you can start to dj with just a laptop with this dj setup for beginners.

I used a 2014 MacBook Pro, but you can get by with a PC. Here's a link to the latest MacBook Pro and Mac Air if you're budget conscience but want a Mac:

11.6" MacBook Air (affiliate link)

15" MacBook Pro (affiliate link)

I don't recommend a splitter but here's a link to one:
1ZNPvO4 (affiliate link)

Must have this cable!
to rca
1ZNQ8Y9 (affiliate link)

Behringer Ucontrol
1OAl4HI (affiliate link)

USB Microphone - This is what I use. If you're not a gamer or podcaster you can save money with the DJ usb card instead.
Blue Yeti Blackout
1OAlbTF (affiliate link)

Zoom H1
1OAlePk (affiliate link)

Dj Headphones
Numark Red Wave
1ZNPJoE (affiliate link)

Bookshelf speakers. Not the same but similar to ones in video.
Edifer Studio
1OAlDkw (affiliate link)

Software Links

OSP Pro19 16 Space Mixer Amp Road Case for Mobile DJ Portable Sound System w/ 2 Tables Case Review
This OSP 16 space mixer amp case is perfect for any mobile pa sound system that needs to be portable. Ideally suited for mobile dj's this case has numerous applications. With 10 rack spaces in the top section and 16 rack spaces below the possibilities are endless. Check it out at this link:
Or give us a call toll free at 1-866-273-4901.
My Mobile DJ Set-up
- This is my basic set up I use for every gig
- It takes me 30 minutes to set-up barring any distractions PLUS load in time (3 loads)
- I do have additional lighting that I did not use for this gig and will demonstrate in a later video :)

Track ID: Latex Grooves by mister smooth



Learn How To DJ Mix In 6 Minutes Using Only Your PC (Beginners)
To learn how to produce music, check out: watch?v=h63-qDgBHyw

This is a video to show you within only 6 minutes how to DJ mix using only your PC and without paying a penny for software, hardware or equipment. Surely, the techniques described here will be called blasphemy by many DJs but for those considering giving DJing a try, this will be a great way to get started and see where things go from there.

This video breaks the DJing process into 9 steps, some of which are dirt simple:
1. Install Virtual DJ
2. Get 2 songs, preferably dance music songs that have the words "club mix" or "extended mix" in their names
3. Launch Virtual DJ
4. Load the 2 songs into Virtual DJ, one on each deck
5. Press Synch on one of the 2 decks to get the 2 songs to be at same tempo
6. Set Crossfader completely on the side of the deck you want to start playing first
7. Play your first song
8. When your first song has about 1 minute left and its beat marker at the top is at same location as the beat marker for your second song, play the second song and the immediately hit Synch. If you don't get the 2 markers in synch, you can press stop on your second song and try again until you get it.
9. Move crossfader slowly towards the new song's deck.
DJ Gear Log | A Glance Behind The Scenes
By request, we put together a little gear log showing you the equipment that we run at Musical Edge. The event itself went well, but it was by far the most diverse crowd imaginable. It was a UFCW labor union event so it was a potluck of races, ages, and of course musical tastes.

Lighting Equipment Used:
8 - ADJ DJ Spot 250 Moving Heads
4 - Chauvet Colorstrips LED Bars
11 - Chauvet Rain 56 Led Uplights
1 - Chauvet Show Xpress 100 DMX Software Interface
1 - Chauvet DMX 4ch Splitter

Sound Equipment Used:
7- EV SXA250 Active Speakers
4 - B-52 ACT 18 Active Subwoofers
1 - Audio Technica ATW 3000 Wireless Mic

Mixing Equipment Used:
2 - Technics SL-1200 MK5 Turntables
1 - Rane TTM 56s Mixer
1 - Rane Serato SL-1 / Scratch Live 2.0
1- Apple Macbook Pro 15"
So trying to decide which speakers to get can be hard hope this helps you come the the right decision.
Best Beginner Mobile DJ Setup For Under $1500 and DJ GEAR GIVEAWAY 2016
In today's video I show you the gear that I would recommend for any beginner DJ. This is not a perfect setup and now for every type of DJ but this is what I would personally recommend.

I am also giving away a Numark Mixtrack Pro II.
To enter:

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Links to all the gear in this video:

Harbinger Vari V2112:

ProLine PLSP1 Speaker StandS:

Behringer Xenyz 1202:

Pioneer DDJ-SB II:

Eyourlife 4pcs 18X3W LED Par Light:

ADJ Vertigo Hex LED:

American Dj Lightstand And T Bar:

192 CH DMX512 Controller:

Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine:

Mainstays 6' Centerfold Table:

Odyssey LSTAND Laptop DJ Stand:
Drive in Dj & Lg  gear setup
Please leave a comment when you got any tips or tricks on how to improve the setup.
Dj light gear:
Sowtec LED par 56 spots + diffusion filter, 100 mW green laser laserworld , Mackie thumb 15 inch each 400 watt sinus and 900 watt peak, CHAUVET LED MUSHROOM, CHAUVET HURRICANE 1100, led stroboscoop, geni 1500 stroboscoop, chauvet LED Megamoon, American DJ LTS-50T trussbrug, showtec Tricorno, showtec dmx controller showmaster, 100% portable trussing system

Song: The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) - Martin Solveig
Mobile DJ Setup Tour Pt1 | My Small Setup
My Large Setup... watch?v=CioyjsETfzs

My Uplighting Setup... watch?v=R3UpNRHi-bI


Artist: Exploit
Track: Hopes
Download: 4GnKle
Alternative Download: nQMGUP
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Artist: CLRTY
Track: After Hours
Download: aqvBV0
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