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Cleaning Your DJ Equipment
In this video I go over a few basics of cleaning your DJ equipment and laptop after an outdoor gig.

A Simple Guide to Setting Up DJ Equipment and a Basic PA System
Juan Bishop from Golden Circle explains the correct way to setup your DJ Equipment.

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The Transcript:

Hi everybody. My name is Juan Bishop from Golden Circle Events. Today I'm going to give you a breakdown of setting up some DJ equipment, as well as a basic PA.

In front of me today I've got a pioneer DJM 900 Nexus two Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, and two Technics 1210 turntables. Remember that even though your gear may be slightly different to mine, the basic connections, and setup of this equipment,
will be exactly the same.

Let me give you a rundown of my mixer. My mixer has four channels. Each channel allows for multiple inputs, so you can plug anything from your CDJ’s, turntables iPod, or cell phone, or laptop into it. It also has two microphone inputs, as well as, two multi-effects engines. A very interesting feature with this mixer, is it also has a USB, which allows you to connect to your laptop, use it as a controller, and a sound card.

These are the Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus. I have a pair of them in front of me today. They have a nice big colour screen display. They allow for CD’s and USB’s and multiple file formats; anything from MP3, WAV or AIFF. They connect via RCA to
a line input on your DJ mixer. They also have a network connector which connects two CDJ’s together. You can play then one USB from both simultaneously. Next I have a Technics 1210 turntable. It connects to the mixer using a pair of RCA connectors into a phono input. Finally, I'll show you how to put this all together and connect it up to your PA.

First, we're going to start by connecting our technics 1200 series turntables. They use three connectors: two RCA connectors, red being the right side, black being the left side, and a ground connector. The ground connector connects onto these at the top, and the RCA’s into the phono input on the back of the DJ mixer. We then make sure that we have selected the phono input on that channel.

Next, I'm going to show you how to connect the Pioneer CDJ 2000 to the Mixer, as well as a network connection to connect the two CDJ 2000’s together. First I take my two RCA connectors and I plug them into the output of the CDJ. I then take my single CAT5 network cable and plug it into the link out in the back of the CDJ. I then take the other end of the cable, with its RCA connectors and connect it into the left and right in the CD line input on the DJ mixer. It is then very important to select the correct input on the DJ mixer.

Now we're going to connect our PA using two balanced XLR connectors. On the back of the DJ mixer you will see it says Master 1. It has a left, and a right connection. Next, I'm going to show you how to connect the PA system. First, I connect the power, next I connect the signal into Channel 1. I have an option to run a pass-through; either full range or a high pass. In this instance I'm going to select a high-pass, which then allows me to run just the lows to the subwoofer, and just the mid highs through the top.

I connect the loop through, which then goes to the mid highs. First, I'm going to plug in the power connector. Next, I'm going to make sure that I'm selected on a line level input and not a mic level input. I connect the male side of my XLR connector into Channel 1 on the back of the speaker. Now that everything is connected I'm ready to power on. I then make sure that my gain is set to full for this specific amp module. I know with the JBL Eon 615 that zero is gained full. I then turn my master level up to half way.

I'm going to do a quick test and make sure that I'm getting signal in from my turntable. First, I turn the trim up and I can see my level coming in. My goal here is to get a decent level, and most definitely stay out of the red. As
soon as goes into the red it starts distorting and degrades the signal quality. Next I will push the fader up, and turn my level up on the master, and watch my level coming in, and try and get it as close to zero as possible, once again keeping it out of the red.

Thanks for watching everybody, and remember that even though your equipment may be slightly different to mine, the connections and rules still apply. Please hit like and subscribe for future videos on our channel, and I'll see you
guys next time.
ULTIMATE DJ Gear Review/Overview - A History of all our gear and Pioneer DJ
Pioneer CDJ800MK2 - DJM707 - 00:32
Pioneer CDJ400 - DJM909, DJM400 - 02:01
Stanton ST/ Turntables - 03:26
Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 - DJM800 - 04:20 (blazeit)
Pioneer HDJ-1000, HDJ-2000 Headphones - 7:21
Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus - 9:28
Pioneer DJM750 - 12:12
Pioneer DJM900 Nexus - 14:05
Pioneer EFX1000 - 16:22
Pioneer WeGo - 17:35
Pioneer XDJ-R1 - 18:52

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How To DJ With A Laptop
As a beginner you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started djing. Check out how you can start to dj with just a laptop with this dj setup for beginners.

I used a 2014 MacBook Pro, but you can get by with a PC. Here's a link to the latest MacBook Pro and Mac Air if you're budget conscience but want a Mac:

11.6" MacBook Air (affiliate link)

15" MacBook Pro (affiliate link)

I don't recommend a splitter but here's a link to one:
1ZNPvO4 (affiliate link)

Must have this cable!
to rca
1ZNQ8Y9 (affiliate link)

Behringer Ucontrol
1OAl4HI (affiliate link)

USB Microphone - This is what I use. If you're not a gamer or podcaster you can save money with the DJ usb card instead.
Blue Yeti Blackout
1OAlbTF (affiliate link)

Zoom H1
1OAlePk (affiliate link)

Dj Headphones
Numark Red Wave
1ZNPJoE (affiliate link)

Bookshelf speakers. Not the same but similar to ones in video.
Edifer Studio
1OAlDkw (affiliate link)

Software Links

Buying VS Renting DJ Equipment | Mobile DJ's
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Как стать диджеем часть 8 (Какое оборудование выбрать)
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В этом сюжете я рассказываю о том какими способами можно решить вопрос приобретения Dj оборудования. Рассматриваются разные варианты для разных бюджетов. От CD проигрывателей Pioneer, до миди контроллеров.
Ведущий: Ri Kasti
Camera Girl: Rina
DJ Controller Roundup - Under $600
Shop DJ Controllers Now:

We've rounded up ’s 4 best-selling DJ Controllers under $600 - the Pioneer DDJ-SB, Numark Mixtrack Pro II, Native Instruments Kontrol S2, and the Pioneer DDJ-SR. All 4 of these controllers are great for any bedroom DJ, party settings, and even smaller venues like clubs and bars. All 4 share similar features like a 2-channel mixer, a soundcard, and professional I/O that allows for different outputs, as well as seamless software control. Despite having all of that in common, certain unique and cool features stand out on each.

The DDJ-SB may be an entry-level controller, but since it's from Pioneer; one of the biggest names in DJ, it's definitely not a toy. The SB allows for 2-deck control; making it extremely easy to manage and comes packaged with Serato Intro, which is perfect for beginners. 16 performance pads allow the user to switch between hot cue and sampling, as well as other live effects. Each channel features an independent filter knob, allowing for better fading between songs. The DDJ-SB’s compact package sports similar features and operability as more expensive Pioneer controllers, but at an entry-level price.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro II delivers everything you’ll need to start DJing with your computer. It features 16 backlit, multifunctional rubber drum pads and illuminated touch-activated platters for precise control. USB power allows for plug and play, eliminating the hassle of an external power source. Another unique feature is the dual headphone jacks, making it easy to mix with friends or trade off in-between sets. Durable but lightweight hard plastic construction makes the Numark Mixtrack Pro II the lightest controller in this group.

The Native Instruments Kontrol S2 is a 2-deck soundcard DJ system and is the first mid-level controller in our roundup. Instead of Serato Intro, The S2 comes packaged with Native Instruments’ well-respected proprietary DJ software; Traktor. The S2 fully integrates Traktor DJ for iPad, iPhone and adds tactile, physical control to your iOS DJ setup. Intuitive, rugged and portable, the Native Instruments S2 is ideal for both beginner and seasoned DJs.

The Pioneer DDJ-SR is the only controller in our roundup packaged with a full version of Serato DJ and is widely recognized for its intuitive controls and popular features. The DDJ-SR’s BIG JOG ensures DJs always get the scratch response they expect and the two-channel mixer layout enables instinctive mixing and scratching. Simply hit the Deck Select button to effortlessly access decks. The new PAD PLUS button delivers another layer of control to the Performance Pads – enabling users the ability to trigger multiple FX with one button, and automatically sync samples and Hot Cues to the beat. The DDJ-SR shares many features with its higher-end Pioneer cousins, but at a much smaller footprint.

If you have any questions regarding these DJ controllers, or any of the dozens of additional models we stock, be sure and contact a product expert at
Best Beginner Mobile DJ Setup For Under $1500 and DJ GEAR GIVEAWAY 2016
In today's video I show you the gear that I would recommend for any beginner DJ. This is not a perfect setup and now for every type of DJ but this is what I would personally recommend.

I am also giving away a Numark Mixtrack Pro II.
To enter:

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Links to all the gear in this video:

Harbinger Vari V2112:

ProLine PLSP1 Speaker StandS:

Behringer Xenyz 1202:

Pioneer DDJ-SB II:

Eyourlife 4pcs 18X3W LED Par Light:

ADJ Vertigo Hex LED:

American Dj Lightstand And T Bar:

192 CH DMX512 Controller:

Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine:

Mainstays 6' Centerfold Table:

Odyssey LSTAND Laptop DJ Stand:
Hercules MK4 и Hercules MP3 E2 - обзор DJ USB MIDI контроллеров
Обзор DJ USB MIDI контроллеров фирмы Hercules: Hercules MK4 и Hercules MP3 E2 - видеообзор от DJ-дуэта "Пиратское Радио" - DJ Фрик (Антон Киба) и DJ Рик (Игорь Урусов). Оборудование предоставлено интернет-магазином DJ-оборудования . В обзоре можно посмотреть распаковку, обзор органов управления, подключение к компьютеру, установка программы, проверка работы с программой, тестирование и резюме.
mmag.ru: DJ комплект для клуба, бара, ресторана. Видео обзор.
(MusicMag) представляет видео обзор DJ-комплектов для для клубов, баров, ресторанов на основе продукции Pioneer. Старый, добрый, надежный CD, микшер и никаких компьютеров! Обзор возможностей и коммутация.
Узнать подробнее, обсудить и купить DJ комплект для клуба, бара, ресторана вы можете на сайте
DJ Equipment Set Up, Easy Setting Up 30mins.mp4
Equipment set up easy in 30 mins. 2 person mic. check, by pa sight & sound at RVRHS red and white night.
Numark NS7III Serato DJ Controller Unboxing & First Impressions
Website: index/dj-equipment/entry/numark-ns7iii-unboxing-video
Buy It Now: Item--i-NUM-NS7MKIII-LIST?utm_source=djbooth&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=productlink
магазин DJTRADE, www.djtrade.ru, dj оборудование
shop "DJTRADE" (DJ-equipment)
Moscow, Vetoshnui pereylok 4/5, tel +7(495)698-3132, ICQ 444441048

магазин "ДиджейТрейд" (DJ-оборудование, аксесуары,винил)
Москва, Ветошный переулок 5/4, тел +7(495)698-3132, ICQ 444441048
Digital Panda | обзоры DJ оборудования с Dj Pasha Panda
Школа Music Academy и магазин Cueplay совместно с Dj Pasha Panda открывает большой проект о современном диджей оборудовании - "Digital Panda" !

Обзоры, посвященные популярным девайсам и самым ожидаемым новинкам будут сопровождаться ответами на часто задаваемые вопросы.

Подписывайтесь на канал Music Academy и следите за новостями на

Orlando Wedding DJ Equipment - Sound and Lighting
We at Orlando DJ Group have done dozens of weddings over the years. This set up not only looks and feels professional, but also suits the needs of any clients requests. 1500 watt ElectroVoice 15 inch tops, 18 inch ElectroVoice subwoofer, intelligent dance floor lighting and wireless uplighting make this a solid choice for any high-end wedding or event.
Beginner DJ: How to Plug Your Equipment Into A Mixer
Check out for more reviews, DJ T-Shirts and more.
UK DJs check out

If you are a beginner DJ and don't know a headphone socket from an quater inch jack then this video is for you. Find out what all the connections on the back of a mixer do from RCA to ground connections and learn how best to connect your equipment.

Sparx from Hard As Nails Records takes you through this guide and don't forget to check out our other DJ Tutorials perfect for beginner DJs

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Hercules DJ Control Jogvision Review
Website: dj-equipment/review/hercules-dj-control-jogvision
Buy It Now: Hercules-DJControl-Jogvision-DJ-controller/dp/B00DVU9ETO
Contact: djblaze@ DJblaze_DJbooth
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