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shop "DJTRADE" (DJ-equipment)
Moscow, Vetoshnui pereylok 4/5, tel +7(495)698-3132, ICQ 444441048

магазин "ДиджейТрейд" (DJ-оборудование, аксесуары,винил)
Москва, Ветошный переулок 5/4, тел +7(495)698-3132, ICQ 444441048
MOBILE DJ TIPs: How to set up a DJ System (Speakers & Lights)
VLOG 184 - MOBILE DJ TIPs: How to set up a DJ System (Speakers & Lights) | How to connect Speakers and Lights | How to set up your DJ Equipment | Setting up a Mobile DJ System | HOSA Cable Review

Special Thanks to HOSA for providing the equipment.

Hosa Store: 2yp0LNf
Hosa XLR Basic: 2iVlEJ0
Hosa XLR Pro: 2iq4VJK
Hosa XLR Edge: 2hA6iWX
Hosa DMX Cable: 2yr55eL
Hosa Cable Tester: 2xSJ04H
Hosa Extension Cord: 2xQzleT
Hosa Gaffers Tape: 2z8N0iM
Hosa IEC Cable: 2z8LsFq
Hosa AC Power: 2ipRvxq
Hosa Power Con: 2zbh5yp
Hosa Power Distributer: 2xQVJ7P

Cable Label Maker: 2z9yIhT
Label Tap: 2gXkZCk

ADJ Focus Spot: 2ypMFeq
ADJ Mega Hex: 2iq2abz
ADJ UB 12H: 2xTQg05

Peavey Speaker: 2ipFx71
Peavey Subwoofer: 2hy2Hs3
Peavey Sound System: 2xSThxO

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VLOG Music By: Quads


DJ GEAR (w/Purchase Links)

- ADJ Mega+ Pars: 2k3Hucf
- ADJ Ultra Bar: 2uz5o4t
- ADJ Focus Spot 3Z: 2u1zuwE
- ADJ Ikon Gobo: 2iKU2Wl
- ADJ Airstream DMX: 2x97xot
- ADJ O-Clamps (For Mounting): 2l7YAD7
- Chauvet Intimidator 355: 2u1qQxO
- Chauvet Swarm: 2tGydaM

Mixers (I Use/ Recommend )
- Pioneer SB (New DJs): 2iIqEzW
- Pioneer DJ SR (Beginner DJs): 2glnJsO
- Pioneer DJ SX2 (Intermediate DJs): 2uICEH4
- Pioneer DJM 850 Mixer : 2jnmaLu
- Pioneer CDJ 2000: 2io2icO

- JBL PRX715: 2itiABR
- JBL PRX712: 2hDW1t1
- JBL PRX718XFL: 2l1tzmP

DJ Tools
- Pioneer Headphones: 2vIfKMS
- DJ Facade: 2iIqZTe
- AKG Wireless Microphone: 2kGziM2
- Microphone Desk Stand: 2kGx2Ev
- Speaker Tripod: 2wVbCNU
- Subwoofer Poles: 2lfTSG1
- Laptop Stand: 2vIjwG3
- DMX Cables: 2kPgwEB
- XLR Cables: 2l4y2mZ
- Surge Protector: 2l89fh3
- Extension Cord: 2x8XgbP
- Gaffers Tape: 2wle5Qd

DJ Accessories
- Gator Tripod Bag: 2l1nlU1
- Tripod Scrims: 2x8VEyL
- 5FT Table: 2tpENHj
- Cable Labels: 2wkRm6B
- Cable Bag: 2x9dGRB
- Rock-N-Roller Cart: 2kXcdrT
- Velcro Ties: 2lLx7dG


VLOG GEAR (w/Purchase Links)

-Canon G7X II: 2jbuUHz
-Canon 70D: 1RTcYKb
-GoPro Hero 5: 2jA7iZk
-GoPro Session: 2ure24R

-Tamron 16-300: 2jbjp2A
-Canon 10-18: 1pba89U

-DJI Mavic Pro: 2jA4zPK
-DJI Phantom 4: 2jbhknc
-DJI Phantom 3: 1pbbHEP

-Rode Video Mic Pro: 1pbar4z
-Joby Gorilla Tripod: 1RTdgAG
-Lexar Memory Card: 2io1swA

-Manfrotto Backpack: 2igEXve
-Manfrotto Travel Tripod: 2jA4zPO

Edited On: Final Cut Pro X


ABOUT ME: I was born March 06, 1992 in Nicaragua. I currently live in New Jersey, USA. I am an open-format Club and Mobile DJ. I enjoy making and sharing VLOGs about my life as a pro DJ and my travels around the world. I hope you find my videos entertaining. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Wholesale DJ Equipments Markets speaker , lights, JBL, flight case Prices - Delhi Vlogs
DJ Market With Prices, Delhi Bhagirath Palace Link: pGoBYNmgFdM

Namaskaar Dosto, DELHI VLOGS Me aap sabhi ka bahut bahut swagat hai, dosto ye video mene DJ Equipments ke baare me banayi hai or apni taraf se laghbhag saari information di hai. Umeed he apko ye video pasand aaegi, video ko like, share krna mat bhuliyega dhanyavad.
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DJ equipment karaoke system dj audio system TUTORIAL for our customer
TUTORIAL for our customer. Not meant to advertise or hype up product. Genuinely here to help other people. So please respect that fact that we are not trying to be typical salespeople trying to push something.

This system was designed to the customers needs. Features a pair of Peavey PVXp12 powered dj, karaoke speakers, the Peavey PVXp subwoofer, Peavey PV10 mixer, Audio2000 Awm6122u Dual Wireless Microphones, xstatic prox laptop stand, optional karaoke laptop, karaoke tv stand package, Chauvet Swarm 5Fx dj light, Chauvet Geyser jr fog / haze machine, and much more.

The one thing we have never seen on Youtube is a retailer that actually spends the time to actually show every detail on how to use a system from start to finish. We are consumers too and hate that most ads are geared toward trying to sell you something quickly. This is why we tell people that these are tutorials for our customers, they are not meant to be flashy, or to hype up a product, or try to convince you something we have in the system is the best thing on earth. We are only here to help our customers and hopefully it will help others as well.
Best New DJ Equipment: Go DJ! Stand Alone DJ System
I am finally working to edit the vids we took at the International DJ Expo in Atlantic City presented by the DJ Times Magazine! Not only do I want to share all the cool new equip we found - CHECK OUT who was in the DJ Times!!! I was so happy to be featured in the issue handed out at the expo! philly-dj-stands-spin/

As I'm sure you mobile DJs know, September and October can be some of our busiest months! After the expo in August, I had to focus on events! Yet, I am so excited to start sharing with you new equip featured at the expo, and why attending the DJ Times International DJ Expo in AC is such a huge benefit to us DJs!

This is a short video is about the "Stand Alone DJ Controller by ." If you travel a lot for events, or if you're looking for something smaller and light weight to bring as a primary (or back up) this may be the perfect option for you!

Goooooo DJ! I hope you enjoy my video highlight of this stand alone DJ controller! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. For more exciting updates in #DJLife make sure you subscribe to the DJ Times Magazine!

I hope my videos bring you some helpful information so we can all keep doing what we love - playing music! Get SHELL Shocked! - As always, thanks for watching! - Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly). THANK YOU @BertsEyeView for capturing the #DJVideos!
Pioneer DDJ-SB Serato Intro Digital DJ Controller Review Video
The Pioneer DDJ-SB is the recently released entry-level Digital DJ controller for the Pioneer and Serato DJ lineup. This new compact and fully USB-Powered controller has the familiar 16 Performance Pad layout, aluminium-top jog wheels, built-in Low Pass/High Pass filter knobs, and comes bundled with the Serato DJ Intro software for the very low street price of only $249.
Full Beginner DJ Tutorial - everything you need to play your first GIG
My full DJing tutorial for beginners. Learn everything you need to play your very first gig and become a DJ.
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● Studio Hardware:
⇢ Big LG Screen: y3FF
⇢ Speakers: 7j1G
⇢ Small Reference Speakers j5cBI
⇢ Best Headphones: BY6ilNf
⇢ Super cheap alternative: I3lax
⇢ Best Soundcard: 4mt2I9
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⇢ My Computer: nufaaA
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⇢ Keyboard: pyacj
⇢ Backup Harddrive: U21E
⇢ Chair: RLTbFV

● Studio Software:
⇢ Best for mastering: aXnzXyB
⇢ Best for mixing: D0Ap5w
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⇢ Spinning Timelaps Thing: jsspinn
⇢ My old Camera: js5100

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⇢ DJ Headphones: jshd25
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⇢ Best wireless Earbuds: XcBJe
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Aufbau DJ und Licht-Equipment
In diesem Video zeige ich euch im Zeitraffer, wie ich mein DJ und Lichtequipment aufbaue.

Ich könnt das verwendete und noch mehr Equipment z.B. für eine Gartenparty mieten: caKö

Falls ihr Tipps habt, bitte in die Kommentare

AlexBeroza - Straight To The Light
AlexBeroza - Tell Somebody
grapes - I dunno
How To DJ With A Laptop
As a beginner you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started djing. Check out how you can start to dj with just a laptop with this dj setup for beginners.

▼▼▼Check Prices Below▼▼▼(affiliate links)

Behringer Ucontrol

Must have this cable!
to rca

I used a 2014 MacBook Pro, but you can get by with a PC. Here's a link to the latest MacBook Pro and Mac Air if you're budget conscience but want a Mac:

11.6" MacBook Air (affiliate link)

15" MacBook Pro (affiliate link)

I don't recommend a splitter but here's a link to one:
1ZNPvO4 (affiliate link)

USB Microphone - This is what I use. If you're not a gamer or podcaster you can save money with the DJ usb card instead.
Blue Yeti Blackout
1OAlbTF (affiliate link)

Zoom H1
1OAlePk (affiliate link)

Dj Headphones
Numark Red Wave
1ZNPJoE (affiliate link)

Bookshelf speakers. Not the same but similar to ones in video.
Edifer Studio
1OAlDkw (affiliate link)

Software Links


Looking for an inexpensive dj controller?
Check out my review of the DDJ SB2.

Have a bigger budget? This is my review of the sx2 and my favorite controller.
магазин DJTRADE, www.djtrade.ru, dj оборудование, Jazzmutant  Lemur & Traktor
DJTrade, магазин "ДиджейТрейд" (DJ-оборудование, аксесуары,винил)
Москва, Ветошный переулок 5/4, тел+7(495)6983132 , ICQ 444441048, Skype

[shop "DJTRADE" (DJ-equipment) Moscow, Vetoshnui pereylok 5/4]
Скрытые функции dj-оборудования Pioneer. Как подключить микшер и CD-проигрыватель к NI Traktor.
В этом ролике мы рассказываем как использовать встроенную звуковую карту микшера Pioneer DJM-900 в составе DVS-системы с ПО Traktor от Native Instruments. При таком варианте подключения все что вам нужно брать с собой на выступление - это две пластинки с тайм-кодом и ноутбук. Отпадает необходимость таскать с собой внешний аудиоинтерфейс и тратить время на его подключение.

Другой вариант (если в микшере нет встроенного аудиоинтерфейса) - это использование звуковой карты проигрывателей CDJ-850, 900 или 2000, а также использование их в качестве MIDI-контроллера.




Pioneer CDJ-850

Pioneer CDJ-900

Pioneer CDJ-2000Nexus


Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Edition)
Website: dj-equipment/entry/top-5-flagship-4-channel-dj-controllers-2017-2018-video

We've been reviewing DJ controllers for years now. During that time, we've come to learn what makes a great DJ controller, and the manufacturers have also settled into a standard of what a flagship DJ controller should have. With this in mind, we created a new top-5 list. This time we're looking at the Top 5 Flagship 4-channel DJ controllers. These controllers are not in any order but they all have lots of strengths that allow them all to be the best of the best. Check out the full video below, then see our summary breakdown of what stands out about that particular device. You can also see our review videos of each controller so you can see all the features and functions that are not listed here.

Numark NS7III Review: dj-equipment/review/numark-ns7iii-dj-controller
Pioneer DDJ-SZ/DDJ-RZ/DDJ-RZX Videos: dj-equipment/entry/dj-expo-2016-pioneer-ddj-rzx-video
Denon MCX8000 Review: dj-equipment/review/denon-mcx8000
Roland DJ-808 Review: dj-equipment/review/roland-dj-808-controller
NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Review: dj-equipment/review/traktor-kontrol-s8-controller
магазин DJTRADE, www.djtrade.ru, dj оборудование, Reloop
DJTrade, магазин "ДиджейТрейд" (DJ-оборудование, аксесуары,винил)
Москва, Ветошный переулок 5/4, тел+7(495)6983132 , ICQ 444441048, Skype

[shop "DJTRADE" (DJ-equipment) Moscow, Vetoshnui pereylok 5/4]
For the Beginner DJ: How to use a DJ controller or mixer. Getting back to the basics!
Visit me on MixCloud:

Are you just getting started as a DJ? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a DJ and intimidated by some of the equipment? I was once there! When I first thought about becoming a DJ over 15 years ago, I was very intimidated by some of the equipment - especially the mixing board!!!

When I looked at all of the buttons on my first mixer, I thought to myself, “This looks like I’m flying an airplane! How am I ever going to learn what all of these buttons do? Let alone how to use them???” Well, as Paul explains in this video the saying holds true, “You have to learn to walk before you run.”

If you’ve just purchased your first controller, don’t get overwhelmed by all of the EQs, Gain, Pitch Fader, etc. What’s most important are the channels (Channel 1/Deck 1 or Channel 2/Deck 2). You need to tell your controller whether or not to play from your PC (DJ SOftware), or CD (if your controller has the option for CDs). Or, do you want it to play music from the auxiliary channel?

In this video, we are using my Numark MixDeck Express as the example. This is a great controller to purchase if you are just starting out. Why did I purchase this controller if I’ve been DJing a long time? One thing I also want you to learn is to be smart about the equipment you purchase. Since I now own an entertainment company, my goals have changed. My goal in purchasing the MixDeck is to teach my beginner DJs who assist me at my events. This way I can show them how to use their first controller. Then, hand down the MixDeck to them when I upgrade.

Things to know when you purchase your first controller:

There is a function for everything. (Gain, Mid, Treble, Bass, etc) However, when you’re first starting out you really just need to learn the channels. Don’t worry about the other functions until you feel comfortable using all the channels. Keep all you other settings at 12 o’clock, Pitch Fader in the Middle, Cross fader in the middle.
Channel 1 is usually on the left and controls the left side of the board. (Or controls the left side of your DJ software).
Channel 2 is usually on the right and controls what is playing from the right side (CD) or the right channel on your DJ Software (e.g. Serato).
Channel 3 - Auxiliary Input (e.g. iPod, Phone, another computer)
Make sure you set your Channel buttons and volumes are set correctly. (Make sure your Master Volume is set at an appropriate level. Your Master Volume controls the volume for the entire board. Then, you can control each channel’s volume individually).
For example, do you want to play songs using your software? Or from a CD? If you want to play a CD make sure both of your channel’s are set to CD. If you want to play from your DJ software make sure Channel 1 and Channel 2 are set to PC. (If you are using a Numark Mixdeck and Serato DJ Intro you’ll want to make sure your settings for each channel are on “Midi PC” (I’ll show you how to do this in another video).
Do you want to play music from your iPod or phone? Then, you’ll want to use the Auxiliary channel and make sure you are using channel 3 and it’s set to “Aux”.

What I hear from many people interested in DJ’ing is, “I’ve always wanted to DJ, I would just never know how to use all that equipment.” YES! You can! Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the equipment. You can learn to DJ just like anything else. You don’t start out being an expert. Start with the very basics.

How did I get over my fear of the "Aeroplane"? I did what my brother and dad tell me to this day, "Just tackle one thing at a time Shell. Don't get overwhelmed looking at everything at once".

If you are a beginner DJ just starting out I hope this video helped you. Please let me know if you have any other topics you’d like me to cover. Thanks! DeeJay Shelly
NAMM 2018: Gemini DJ Booth Walkthrough (Vintage Gemini DJ Gear!)
Vintage Gemini DJ Gear: marketplace/dj-and-lighting-gear?query=gemini?_aid=djbooth
Website: dj-equipment/entry/namm-2018-gemini-dj-booth-walkthrough-vintage-gemini-dj-gear

We have a few extra videos from the NAMM 2018 show last month that we still wanted to show you. We were at the Gemini DJ booth when we saw the new PMX-10 and PMX-20 Mixers as well as a brand new controller. Gemini also had a SICK classis gear wall including lots of pieces that I owned during my own DJ career. They had the DJ Jazzy Jeff mixer along with older PMX mixers and even BD and XL series turntables. Check out the full video below for the walkthrough of the booth as it was for NAMM 2018.
Аренда звука и света. DJ-оборудование в прокат, услуги диджея.
Аренда звука, прокат музыкального оборудования Ижевск
Наша группа : arendazvukaizhevsk
Телефон : 8 919 909 21 71 (мтс)

- аренда звука и света;
- прокат профессионального звукового оборудования, аренда колонок, пультов, микшеров, контроллеров, микрофонов;
- DJ-оборудование в прокат, услуги диджея,
- техническое обеспечение мероприятий.

Мы поможем Вам с проведением мероприятий:
- свадьбы;
- юбилеи;
- дни рождения;
- корпоративные мероприятия;
- концерты; живое выступление артистов;
- презентации; выставки; конференции;
- детские праздники;
- караоке;
- инсталляции; репетиции;
- частные вечеринки;
- дискотеки; аренда музыкальной (звуковой) аппаратуры с диджеем;
- фестивали; open-airы;
- выпускные;
- PR-акции; PROMO-акции;
прочие праздники и события.

аппаратура в аренду ижевск
Аренда звука и света; беспроводного микрофона; колонок с усилителем; прокат диджейского, звукового и светового оборудования в ижевске; аренда профессионального музыкального оборудования недорого на свадьбу; большая активная акустика для мероприятий, концертов; аудио; аренда комплектов звуковой аппаратуры для дискотек Ижевск по недорогой цене;
Hazer Stairville HZ200 | DJ Equipment
Stairville HZ200 im UNBOXING


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