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Pioneer DDJ-SB Serato Intro Digital DJ Controller Review Video
The Pioneer DDJ-SB is the recently released entry-level Digital DJ controller for the Pioneer and Serato DJ lineup. This new compact and fully USB-Powered controller has the familiar 16 Performance Pad layout, aluminium-top jog wheels, built-in Low Pass/High Pass filter knobs, and comes bundled with the Serato DJ Intro software for the very low street price of only $249.
DJ Setup and DJ Equipment
Apogee Events DJ setup and equipment. QSC K12 speakers, and subwoofer. Shure microphones, with table and speaker stand covers for our DJ setup
Party GIG LOG: It's all Fun and Games | DJ Equipment
Vlog 031 - Saturday • February 27, 2016

After a long wait I finally got around to doing another gig log. I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I worked really hard on the editing. Hope you find it entertaining. The party its-self wasn't anything crazy but, I was able to create a pretty cool vlog with the footage I had. I also finally show you guys what equipment I use to DJ as well as, a game you can play on Serato.

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Filmed On: Canon G7X, Canon 70D, iPhone 6s, DJI Phantom 3, GoPro Hero 3+
Modern DJ equipment is so complicated
Credit to Kill The Noise
DJ Fail Compilation 2013 | BIGGEST DJ FAILS! | June 2013
||| I Forgot to say in the video that the first one wasn't a fail |||
DJ Fail Compilation 2013 | BIGGEST DJ FAILS! | June 2013

The Biggest DJ fails of all time!
This Video Compilation is to show you what can happen as a live DJ. Equipment Fails To Messing Up A Drop. However, how hard the fail or not, life is learning from your mistakes. It's annoying because you know its going to happen to you... again...

I Do Not Own the Songs Or The Videos In This Compilation.
|| For Educational Purposes Only! ||
I Do Not intend To Make the DJ in this video look bad.
How to setup Your DJ Equipment ?  [ Dj Box Tutorials / Beginners Guide to DJing ]
How to setup your Dj equipment?
Dj tutorials, Dj School online.

Dj Box Studio / Brighton UK

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Beginner DJ: How to Plug Your Equipment Into A Mixer
Check out for more reviews, DJ T-Shirts and more.
UK DJs check out

If you are a beginner DJ and don't know a headphone socket from an quater inch jack then this video is for you. Find out what all the connections on the back of a mixer do from RCA to ground connections and learn how best to connect your equipment.

Sparx from Hard As Nails Records takes you through this guide and don't forget to check out our other DJ Tutorials perfect for beginner DJs

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DJ Finesse Hochzeits DJ Equipment
Meine Name ist DJ Finesse und ich sorge für gute Stimmung auf Hochzeiten und Events. Auf diesem Video seht ihr mein Equipment. Ein DJ Pult beleuchtet von LED Bars.
VLOG 2- DJ Equipment and Tips
DJ Rey goes over his equipment and some tips. Check out items like his mixer Pioneer DDJ-SZ, JBL 715s subwoofers, Chavuet Spotlights, ADJ Spotlights, etc
Top 5 Flagship 4-Channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018 Edition)
Website: dj-equipment/entry/top-5-flagship-4-channel-dj-controllers-2017-2018-video

We've been reviewing DJ controllers for years now. During that time, we've come to learn what makes a great DJ controller, and the manufacturers have also settled into a standard of what a flagship DJ controller should have. With this in mind, we created a new top-5 list. This time we're looking at the Top 5 Flagship 4-channel DJ controllers. These controllers are not in any order but they all have lots of strengths that allow them all to be the best of the best. Check out the full video below, then see our summary breakdown of what stands out about that particular device. You can also see our review videos of each controller so you can see all the features and functions that are not listed here.

Numark NS7III Review: dj-equipment/review/numark-ns7iii-dj-controller
Pioneer DDJ-SZ/DDJ-RZ/DDJ-RZX Videos: dj-equipment/entry/dj-expo-2016-pioneer-ddj-rzx-video
Denon MCX8000 Review: dj-equipment/review/denon-mcx8000
Roland DJ-808 Review: dj-equipment/review/roland-dj-808-controller
NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Review: dj-equipment/review/traktor-kontrol-s8-controller
Кабель для DJ-оборудования Pioneer DAS-RCA020R
Весь мой обзор и отзыв здесь: ideo/ Кабель для DJ-оборудования Pioneer DAS-RCA020R Длина кабеля: 2 м,Цвет изоляции: черный,Тип кабеля: 2 RCA аудио,Покрытие разъемов: Gold 24 karat,Материал проводника: бескислородная медь,Страна: КНР,Модель: DAS-RCA020R Аудиотехника и DJ оборудование/Кабель для DJ-оборудования
DJ Gear Log | A Glance Behind The Scenes
By request, we put together a little gear log showing you the equipment that we run at Musical Edge. The event itself went well, but it was by far the most diverse crowd imaginable. It was a UFCW labor union event so it was a potluck of races, ages, and of course musical tastes.

Lighting Equipment Used:
8 - ADJ DJ Spot 250 Moving Heads
4 - Chauvet Colorstrips LED Bars
11 - Chauvet Rain 56 Led Uplights
1 - Chauvet Show Xpress 100 DMX Software Interface
1 - Chauvet DMX 4ch Splitter

Sound Equipment Used:
7- EV SXA250 Active Speakers
4 - B-52 ACT 18 Active Subwoofers
1 - Audio Technica ATW 3000 Wireless Mic

Mixing Equipment Used:
2 - Technics SL-1200 MK5 Turntables
1 - Rane TTM 56s Mixer
1 - Rane Serato SL-1 / Scratch Live 2.0
1- Apple Macbook Pro 15"
Aufbau DJ Equipment
In diesem Video seht ihr im Zeitraffer, wie ich mein DJ-Equipment für eine Unterstufenparty aufbaue. Am Ende seht ihr noch ein paar Impressionen von der Party.

2x The Box Pro Achat 112MA
1x The Box Pro Achat TP 118/800 A

8x Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 20°
1x ADJ Tri Gem LED
1x Laserworld CS-1000 RGB
1x Eurolite LED PST-9W
1x Stairville M-Fog 1500

1x Stairville DMX Master MKII


Verm - Explode [NCS Release]

Jim Yosef - Firefly [NCS Release] (watch?v=x_OwcYTNbHs&index=62&list=WL)
Numark NS7III Serato DJ Controller Unboxing & First Impressions
Website: index/dj-equipment/entry/numark-ns7iii-unboxing-video
Buy It Now: Item--i-NUM-NS7MKIII-LIST?utm_source=djbooth&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=productlink
магазин DJTRADE, www.djtrade.ru, dj оборудование, Jazzmutant  Lemur & Traktor
DJTrade, магазин "ДиджейТрейд" (DJ-оборудование, аксесуары,винил)
Москва, Ветошный переулок 5/4, тел+7(495)6983132 , ICQ 444441048, Skype

[shop "DJTRADE" (DJ-equipment) Moscow, Vetoshnui pereylok 5/4]
Прокат звукового, светового, DJ оборудования г. Днепропетровск
Аренда активной акустической системы: 2 топа * (700Вт) + 2 саба (фазоинверторных) * (1000Вт) Суммарная мощность комплекта 3400вт, мощность усилителей 4600вт. Встроенные кроссовер, лимитер. Доставка по городу, настройка, тех. сопровождение. Так же имеются различные световые и спец эффекты, DJ оборудование.
Прокат оборудования 10квт, доставка, настройка, сопровождение, обработка звука.
3641z_02_1_s.avi, MH LED 3641Z, 36x10 Вт Zoom, Dj Оборудование Чита
Магазин ЦветоМузыка, 8-918-8-922-722, , x44x@
FREE доставка, Вращающиеся головы

Поворотная голова MH LED 3641Z
- 36x10 вт RGBW 4in1
- Zoom функция.
Световое Оборудование Для Театра, Музыка Цветомузыка Омск.
Led Spot 150, Домашняя Вечеринка Нижний Новгород.
Hercules DJ Control Jogvision Review
Website: dj-equipment/review/hercules-dj-control-jogvision
Buy It Now: Hercules-DJControl-Jogvision-DJ-controller/dp/B00DVU9ETO
Contact: djblaze@ DJblaze_DJbooth
DJ GIG LOG: DJ'ing a PARTY with BROKEN DJ Equipment | Renting Vs Owning
Vlog 044 - Saturday • May 14, 2016

This weekend I DJ'ed a party in Bradley Beach (New Jersey) and I got myself into a little situation. Things started out as usual; I was getting everything ready to go DJ but, when I got the banquet hall I noticed that I did not have a tripod for the speakers. Things got very stressful. I had to quickly come up with a clever idea to set up the speakers without a tripod.

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Joakim Karud - joakimkarud

Producers contact me at bayardorugama@


Filmed On: Canon G7X, Canon 70D, iPhone 6s, DJI Phantom 3, GoPro Hero 3+

Edited On: Final Cut Pro X

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Canon G7X: 1poXQKI
Canon 70D: 1RTcYKb
Canon 10-18mm: 1pba89U
Canon 50mm: 1RTd4Br
Go Pro Hero 3+: 1SDqkwo
Rode Video Mic Pro: 1pbar4z
Manfrotto Compact Tripod: 1pbatt9
Joby Gorilla Tripod: 1RTdgAG
DJI Phamtom 3 Advanced : 1pbbHEP


ABOUT ME: I'm 24-Years old. I was born in Nicaragua but, I currently live in New Jersey, USA. I am an open-format DJ, an aspiring photographer, and Youtube Vlogger. I hope you find my videos entertaining, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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