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3641z_02_1_s.avi, MH LED 3641Z, 36x10 Вт Zoom, Dj Оборудование Чита
Магазин ЦветоМузыка, 8-918-8-922-722, , x44x@
FREE доставка, Вращающиеся головы

Поворотная голова MH LED 3641Z
- 36x10 вт RGBW 4in1
- Zoom функция.
Световое Оборудование Для Театра, Музыка Цветомузыка Омск.
Led Spot 150, Домашняя Вечеринка Нижний Новгород.
Pioneer DDJ-SB Serato Intro Digital DJ Controller Review Video
The Pioneer DDJ-SB is the recently released entry-level Digital DJ controller for the Pioneer and Serato DJ lineup. This new compact and fully USB-Powered controller has the familiar 16 Performance Pad layout, aluminium-top jog wheels, built-in Low Pass/High Pass filter knobs, and comes bundled with the Serato DJ Intro software for the very low street price of only $249.
Best Mobile DJ Equipment - Portable Power - DJMARK904.com
This video is to provide power options for mobile DJ's when they find themselves at a venue with no power and a generator would be overkill. If you need a awesome DJ in Northeast Florida contact us at 904-465-3726 or
Armin van Buuren  - DJ setup explained
Armin van Buuren explains how he syncs his live visuals on-the-fly with four Pioneer CDJ-2000s and a DJM-2000 mixer using just SMPTE signal and fader start functions.
See the full In The Studio with Armin van Buuren in FM258 on sale 27th Sept 2012.
Beginner DJ: How to Plug Your Equipment Into A Mixer
Check out for more reviews, DJ T-Shirts and more.
UK DJs check out

If you are a beginner DJ and don't know a headphone socket from an quater inch jack then this video is for you. Find out what all the connections on the back of a mixer do from RCA to ground connections and learn how best to connect your equipment.

Sparx from Hard As Nails Records takes you through this guide and don't forget to check out our other DJ Tutorials perfect for beginner DJs

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магазин DJTRADE, www.djtrade.ru, dj оборудование, Jazzmutant  Lemur & Traktor
DJTrade, магазин "ДиджейТрейд" (DJ-оборудование, аксесуары,винил)
Москва, Ветошный переулок 5/4, тел+7(495)6983132 , ICQ 444441048, Skype

[shop "DJTRADE" (DJ-equipment) Moscow, Vetoshnui pereylok 5/4]
DJ Equipment Set Up, Easy Setting Up 30mins.mp4
Equipment set up easy in 30 mins. 2 person mic. check, by pa sight & sound at RVRHS red and white night.
Mobile Dj Truck, Trailer, Equipment overview
My truck, trailer, and gear.
Рюкзак для dj-оборудования 12 urban dj backpack by Kosinus
12" urban dj backpack by Kosinus разработан магазином "База" совместно с dj Kosinus специально для digital-диджеев.

Вы можете разместить в нем пару midi-контроллеров, например, NI Traktor Kontrol F1 и X1, тайм-код винил, аудио-интерфейс, наушники, ноутбук и все необходимые аксессуары (провода, адаптеры и пр).

Рюкзак 12" urban dj backpack by Kosinus вы всегда можете купить в магазине "База":


Hercules DJ Control Jogvision Unboxing Video
Website: dj-equipment/entry/hercules-dj-control-jogvision-unboxing-video
Buy It Now: Hercules-DJControl-Jogvision-DJ-controller/dp/B00DVU9ETO
Contact: djblaze@ DJblaze_DJbooth
DJ Tutorial  - Module 1 of 8 - Getting Started

Module 1 - Equipment
The equipment needed for DJing plus the basic functions of a turntable and a mixer.

# Turntables
# Mixer
# Volume Fader
# Crossfader
# Pitch Controls
# Tone Arm
# Needles

Sonic Academy's Introduction to DJing course breaks down all of the essentials into bite size sections to allow you take your first steps to becoming a DJ.

From equipment set up and functions, through to beat matching and mixing, our Introduction to DJing course covers in detail all of the basic elements of the art and science of DJing and will help get any DJing career off to the best possible start!
Phase One DJ Equipment Store
Check out the best stocked DJ store in the north of England,Phase One DJ store established 1981 selling the best DJ kit from all the top brands at low prices. Based in the North East of England and supplying the whole UK with DJ equipment with great service and advice . Top brands at amazing prices , like Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ and Numark and of course DJ and disco lighting from American dj and Chauvet also amazing speaker and PA systems from EV AND FBT and many more, check us out at
магазин DJTRADE, www.djtrade.ru, dj оборудование, Pioneer CDJ-400
DJTrade, магазин "ДиджейТрейд" (DJ-оборудование, аксесуары,винил)
Москва, Ветошный переулок 5/4, тел+7(495)6983132 , ICQ 444441048, Skype

[shop "DJTRADE" (DJ-equipment) Moscow, Vetoshnui pereylok 5/4]
How I Setup My DJ Equipment
Had a video request to talk about how I setup my equipment at events. If you have any video requests please just leave a comment or send me a message!


Music by Sinc

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Twitter: PDqowA

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How to setup and secure equipment in a DJ / band trailer by Moonlight Entertainment DJ
In this video I will give you a walk in and out of our trailer... I will show you how we secure our speakers, trussing, lights and DJ gear. Hope you find this video useful. HIT SUBSCRIBE!!!

My Website:
facebook: moonlightentertainmentdj
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I'm Jon Sine a German DJ and music producer making daily Videos. Today recommending the best dj equipment to learn to mix and beatmatch as well as talking about the future of DJing and what I think about subwoofers in the studio.

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Want to DJ at home on a low budget?
New Q&A video: Want to start DJ'ing at home on a low budget? This is your best option if you have $200,- to spend on DJ equipment (not including a laptop).

Visit the Serato, Virtual DJ and Traktor websites to find out the minimum specifications for your computer.

If you have a desktop computer at home, don't buy a laptop. If it has the right specifications you can use your home computer because we're talking about a home setup. This will save you some money. If you decide later on that you do want to be able to DJ outside the house you can always buy a laptop then.

Buy a controller. $200,- is not enough to buy a good turntable or cd set with a mixer, but that money can get you a very good first controller. My suggestion would be to check out the Numark Mixtrack Pro (or Pro 2 if you can spend $240,-). You can get the Mixtrack Pro for under $200,- and both controllers come with DJ software (Serato DJ Intro).

Mixtrack Pro product/mixtrackpro
Mixtrack Pro 2 product/mixtrack-pro-ii


If you have any question feel free to post them in the comment section.

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Прокат звукового, светового, DJ оборудования г. Днепропетровск
Аренда активной акустической системы: 2 топа * (700Вт) + 2 саба (фазоинверторных) * (1000Вт) Суммарная мощность комплекта 3400вт, мощность усилителей 4600вт. Встроенные кроссовер, лимитер. Доставка по городу, настройка, тех. сопровождение. Так же имеются различные световые и спец эффекты, DJ оборудование.
Прокат оборудования 10квт, доставка, настройка, сопровождение, обработка звука.
SENTONORE - музыкальные инструменты и DJ оборудование
SENTONORE - Лучший интернет магазин музыкальных инструментов и DJ оборудования. Компания "Сент-Оноре" работает на российском рынке с 1997 года. Официальный дистрибьютор таких брендов, как Shadow, Kahler, Kramer, Schaller, Music Man, Ernie Ball, Zoom, TNC и представляет на российском рынке профессиональные гитарные усилители JMI (Англия), Hiwatt (Англия), Diezel (Германия), Yerasov (Россия). Так же среди представленных брендов: Pioneer, Allen&Heath, Technics, Native Instruments, M-Audio, Novation, KRK, Arturia, Numark, Stanton, Ortofon, Sony, Audio Technica, AKG, Sennheiser, RANE, Shure, Reloop, US Blaster, Studio Electron, Jomox, Doepfer, Vermona. И это далеко не полный перечень производителей, с которыми мы сотрудничаем. Адрес: г.Москва, м.ВДНХ (первый вагон из центра), ВВЦ, пав.№71 "Атомная энергия". Телефоны консультантов интернет магазина : +7(905) 710-3800 с 10-00 до 18-00. Сайт
Setting up my DJ audio setup in 15minutes!
I timed myself to see how long an audio setup would take.
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