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Gravity Speakerstand | LS 331 B | DJ Equipment
Gravity Speakerstand | LS 331 B

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Hazer Stairville HZ200
Litecraft Powerbar 4
Kamera 2s7ax3B
Objektiv 2DZheKJ
Stativ 2nCTp1b
Cheese Bar 2s5Swmy
Tops FOHHN XT-22

Subwoofer FOHHN XS-30

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Pioneer DDJ SB2 2AooHQA
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Sennheiser HD25II 2BHgkxT


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How To DJ - Mobile DJ Equipment Set-up For Beginners

How To DJ - Mobile DJ Equipment Set-up For Beginners

Some thoughts on how to create a mobile DJ system for ease of transport, efficient set-up and fail-safe design.

Tips and strategies for making mobile disco and mobile dj transitions from vehicle to venue. Choosing speakers and system design all play in to how well you function at your event.

This short video walks you through the basics of how to improve your mobile sound system, create a dj set up that is efficient and easy to transport. Even if you are a beginner or seasoned pro, there is some useful information that might just help you improve your set up time at weddings, clubs, school dances and other events you may be doing which in turn improves your business potential.

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Equipment Needed to Scratch DJ - 1 - Turntables
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Pioneer DJ’s 2018 NEW RELEASES @ I DJ NOW Queens Location
Watch as DJ Creme demonstrates the new product from Pioneer DJ including:
DDJ-SR2 • XPRS Speakers • XDJ-RX2 • DJM-S3 • HDJ-X10 • DDJ-XP1

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How to setup Your DJ Equipment ?  [ Dj Box Tutorials / Beginners Guide to DJing ]
How to setup your Dj equipment?
Dj tutorials, Dj School online.

Dj Box Studio / Brighton UK

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DJ equipment advice | What to buy? mixer controller player
Are you a beginner DJ?
I'll explain what you can buy, what is the official equipment that DJ's are spinning in a club.
I'll go over different solutions: software, software with dj controller, stand alone dj controllers and the official media players with mixer.

I'm only focussing on digital solutions, so no vinyl record players / turntables.

What is de difference between Pioneer Recordbox and Rekordbox DJ?
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Customizing Your DJ Gear: Knobs and Fader Caps
DJs can be a lot like car owners. Some love clean factory styling, and others can't wait to pimp their rides. Currently, there are only a handful of companies that make aftermarket knobs and fader caps for DJ equipment, and this week Mojaxx takes a look at all three options.

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DJ Equipment Hire Tips
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How to DJ with a Laptop in 5 MINUTES + GIVEAWAY
Ever wanted to DJ, but don't have DJ equipment to do it?

Well, you've come to the right video.

In this lesson, I'll teach you how to DJ/mix music with just your Laptop.

Best CHEAP DJ Controller for mixing, and scratching on Rekordbox: 2IZdqrC

Best CHEAP DJ Controller for mixing, and scratching on Serato: 2IZMech

Best Headphones I use for daily gigs: 2GevKv9

Speakers I use at home for practicing and DJ’ing: 2GgLNbL

Backpack I use for DJ’ing: 2IVGtfL

Add on controller for DJ’ing on the go (Serato): 2us2jUV

Cheaper add on controller for DJ’ing on the go (Rekordbox): 2GyrhXz

Best Budget Turntables EVER: 2GgQNNJ

Best Budget DJ Mixer EVER: 2uoCPYJ

Best Turntables EVER: 2IXT0iO

Best DJ Mixer EVER: 2Gf9Xni

Best cheap 4 deck DJ controller: 2DZnHAD


CAMERA I use for shooting everything: 2urk5aV

Lens I use for vlogging and overhead/flatlay shots: 2unSrfa

Lens I use for delicious close ups and bokeh shots: 2GgPMFp

Microphone I use for crispy audio: 2pJqSbs

Tripod/Selfie stick I use everywhere: 2uoC6qt

ALL MY GEAR I USE TO DJ AND SHOOT - djcarloatendido/everything


Now for this tutorial we’re gonna need 3 things

1. A Laptop
2. DJ Software which you can download legally or illegaly
3. And songs you know in and out (this is very important)

Now with that said. Let’s begin.

Software Over View:

Now for this tutorial w’ere going to use Rekordbox DJ. DJ softwares are quite similar. As long as they have an internal mixing section, then you should be good to go.

Let’s set up ours:

So there 5 steps:

1. Display the Mixer Section
2. Set the Crossfader Curve to Smooth by Dragging the knob all the way to the left side
3. Make Sure that the Crossfader Assign Section is Set to Deck 1 and Deck 2
4. Position the crossfader to the first deck which is on the left side,

5. Activate Sync and Quantize ( I roversial. but I don’t give a ***)


Song Over View

Here are 2 things to keep in mind when it comes to the songs you’re going to use:

1. Make Sure You Know them,

So that’s knowing how many beats the intro and outro are, and knowing when and where to mix the song,

because if you don’t. It’s gonna sound pretty amateur, **skit***, you don’t want that.

2. Make sure that the first cue point is set to the first beat of the song

And We’re now ready to start mixing.


Mixing Overview

So here are the 4 steps to start mixing


Load the first song to the first deck, and play it, this will now be known as your current song


Load the next song in the second deck and, this will now be known as your Next song


Wait for the outro section of the current song, once you reach it, play the next song


Drag the crossfader from the current song to the next song

“and now you’ve just mixed for the first time.”

To mix more, do steps 2 to 4 but this time alternating from deck 2 to 1, and vise versa,

And congratulations, you’re DJ’ing.


I’ve included the songs I used in this tutorial, so you can practice with them at home. Good luck!

Now, this video is made for beginners who want to try DJ’ing but simply don’t have the equipment to.

I made this video so that beginners, will at least get familiar with DJ’ing, and to hopefully help them better decided if this is the hobby or career they would want to invest in.

In no way am I saying that Laptops and DJ softwares are better than the real thing. I’m simply encouraging beginners to pick up the hobby with what they currently have.

Not having equipment is not a valid excuse to try DJ’ing.

So to the beginners who are watching, if you want to DJ for real, invest in real DJ equipment, and learn how to beat match manually.

This tutorial is made for you to help you start DJ’ing right now.

Sorry guys, no more excuses.


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What gear do I use? | DJ Equipment Tour
I get a lot of messages and comments regarding what gear I use for my gigs. I decided to answer those questions by making a quick video!

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DJ Equipment Overview by DJ RuDe
This is a brief overview of some of my equipment, including LCD monitors, players/controllers, mixer, laptop, software, speaker system, DJ laser and LED lighting and vocal processors etc.
Dj Equipment Tip: Connecting Technics Turntables to The Pioneer DDJ-SX
Happy DJ Vlog Sunday November 27, 2017! In today's dj tip video, we'll be hooking up a Technics turntable to the Pioneer DDJ-SX and use it as a standalone mixer. Just a quick video. Please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out on any of our future videos!

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DJ Equipment Best in 2012 all brands.
all the cool staff for the 2012 in DJ technology.
DJ Market With Prices, Delhi Bhagirath Palace [Hindi/Urdu] by Delhi Vlogs
Wholesale DJ Equipments Markets speaker , lights, JBL, flight case Prices - Delhi Vlogs link :tMU8LzJx3eI
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Как стать диджеем часть 8 (Какое оборудование выбрать)
Все видео в моем блоге:
В этом сюжете я рассказываю о том какими способами можно решить вопрос приобретения Dj оборудования. Рассматриваются разные варианты для разных бюджетов. От CD проигрывателей Pioneer, до миди контроллеров.
Ведущий: Ri Kasti
Camera Girl: Rina
Прокат звукового, светового, DJ оборудования г. Днепропетровск
Аренда активной акустической системы: 2 топа * (700Вт) + 2 саба (фазоинверторных) * (1000Вт) Суммарная мощность комплекта 3400вт, мощность усилителей 4600вт. Встроенные кроссовер, лимитер. Доставка по городу, настройка, тех. сопровождение. Так же имеются различные световые и спец эффекты, DJ оборудование.
Прокат оборудования 10квт, доставка, настройка, сопровождение, обработка звука.
Modern DJ equipment is so complicated
Credit to Kill The Noise
DJ Business Ideas In Hindi | Lighting Setup | DJ Business | DJ Light  Price # In Hindi
DJ Business Ideas In Hindi / Lighting Setup / DJ Business / DJ Light Price # In Hindi

Namaskar Dosto maine iss video main bat kiya he DJ Business karne ke liye kya kya DJ Lighting
equipment lagenge or un equipment ke Pricing ke bareme . a video apke kuch kam me aasakta he.
app ka koi question ya sujhao ho to jarur comment box main likhie.
dosto maine niche dj equipment ke kuch links diya he . agar apko acha lagta he to app wahan se buy kar sakte hain.
Those links are Affiliate Links.

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Declaration: All These photos are used only for example and information purpose .


Dynatech DynaDJ DDJ-850 2ge78eq

Numark M4 Three-Channel Scratch Mixer 2geveWv

Numark Mixtrack 3 All-In-One Virtual DJ Controller 2wQNjgp
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Controller USB Bus Powered 2wQDUVN
Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SB2 DJ Controller 2xAoJVp
Hercules DJ Universal DJ Controller 2yd8OJu

Dynatech PSC-224 High Precision Stereo 3-way Crossover 2gg1qZn
Behringer Super-X Pro CX2310 High-Precision Stereo 3-Way Crossover 2g2RM8J
Studiomaster Professional SX321 3-way Stereo Analog Crossover 2gyQGlI
Dbx 234xs 1/4" XLR Stereo 2/3-Way/Mono 4-WAY Crossover 2g4378E
Peavey VSX26 Digital Crossover 2yhWcD0

Dynatech EQ-215 Dual 15 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer 2g5mvCi
Pyle-Pro PPEQ150 19 Rack Mount Dual 10 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer 2kIrLAV
DBX DBX131SV Single 31-Band Graphic Equalizer 2yfhfEe
Peavey PV 231 EQ Graphic equalizer 2g4lTN9

Nx Audio Proton RX3000 Live Sound Power Amplifier 2i5XWJx
NX Audio Proton RX4000 Live Sound Power Amplifier 2g2TuqD
NX Audio Proton MT1201 Live Sound Power Amplifier 2i6xhME


Anoralux LED PAR Stage Lights 12 x 2 W LED RGB 8 colors 2ylijqd
CITRA DJ Lights 36 LEDs DMX 512 RGB 2xI4LI6
stage lighting 90X3W RGBWA LED PAR64 LED Power Par 2yoCztb
BIG DIPPER LPC 007 54x3W 3 IN 1 RGB PAR Lighting for DJ Disco Party 2xFT2Km

Hi Beam BIG DIPPER LM-70 LED Rotating Moving head RGB Stagelight Washlight 2gELwom
Anoralux 3 x 10 Watts Beam LED Mini Moving Head Light

Prop It Up 7 Star Big Dipper LASER beam 2wWdJxh

Anoralux 230w x 2pcs Moving head Osram Lamp 7R Beam Light 2ynC7vc


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DJ System Build Live Stream - DJ Equipment & Q&A
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Equipment used in the build

Denon MCX8000 – Mixer Controller - xhWMQv
Odyssey Black Label FZGSMCX8000W2BL - U3EXFj
Monster Power Pro 2500 Power Conditioner – Discontinued by Manufacturer
Shure QLXD4 Wireless Mic System –
Galaxy Audio AS-1800 Wireless Personal Monitor System - zukjjZ
Drive Rack PA2 - EpN9GB
Elgato Stream Deck - 2CHaRIe
Apple AirPort Express - 2Ct3iHt
Chauvet ShowXpress - Gsc1u4
MSI GE72VR Apache Pro-612 Laptop - 2CvZiG5

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