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Wedding DJ's : Why Equipment Matters
Scratch Weddings' team of DJs features talent that specializes in all musical genres and styles. We will work closely with you to choose the right DJ for your wedding, and your DJ will be sure to learn your musical preferences for your big day.

Продаю музыкальное оборудование
г. Новотроицк(Оренбургская область). обращаться в в вк в личку vitalya_tattoo или по тел. 8-987-85-10-353


1. Электро-акустическая гитара TAKAMINE JASMINE S35 - 12 000р
2.Электрогитара без названия. Звукосниматель от Gibson. Мощное плотное звучание - 5000р
3. Бас гитара. Палка-самопалка. Звук можно настроить сносный. Строит не везде. Новичку самое то, если денег нет на хороший инструмент - 2000р
5. ПУЛЬТ МИКШЕРНЫЙ ALTO AMX-100. 1-й канал не работает, все остальное в порядке - 2000р
7. Самодельный ламповый предусилитель. 2-хканальный, но работает только один - 1500р
8. Звуковая карта LEXICON ALPHA - 3500р
9. Комбо усилитель гитарный EUROFON CG 15R - 5000р
10. Микрофон Shure с607 - 1000р
11. Микрофон Shure pg58 - 3500р
12. Педаль эффектов NUX TIME FORCE - 6000р
13. Микрофон SHURE BETA 58А - 6000р
14. Блок-флейта Hohner - 500р
15. Бонги Remo BG-5300-70, диаметр 6"/ 7" - 2500р
16. Стойки микрофонные "Журавль" 3шт по 1000р за шт.

Все вместе отдам за 70 000.

Плюс коммутация(провода), чехлы, медиаторы, прочая перкуссия и другие небольшия ништяки в подарок при покупке всего сразу или частично при покупке от 10 000р. Например: берете гитару, к ней чехол, провод, ремень медиаторы, каподастр в подарок.

Небольшой аргументированный торг уместен.

HOW TO DJ: What Equipment Do I Need?
Learn what equipment you need to make sound as a DJ. From DJ Crash Course, a new educational DVD series for DJs from Mobile Beat.
Mobile DJ Equipment Update- Chauvet Intimidator 250 & 350
It's a long story on why I only have one Intimidator 350, but the other one will be BACK
Numark NV Dual-Screen Serato DJ Controller Demo & Review Video
Review Summary: index/dj-equipment/review/numark-nv-serato-dj-controller

The Brand new Numark NV Controller promises to change the game by adding two 4.3-inch full color displays above each jog wheel deck so that users can see waveforms, cue points, loops, music libraries, effects, and all the other important visual information in Serato so that DJ’s can put the laptop away for good. Check out our full video review to see how the Numark NV handles the task at hand.
DJ Esco™ on Cleaning and Care for Vinyl DJ Equipment (Records and Needles)
Made this video to help out Professionals and Beginner DJs on how to properly clean records and Needles. This will apply to any DJ using any format (Timecoded or not)
Showing my DJ equipment. 10 years in the making :)
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TSSS 12 LED RGBW Par Can Light 8CH DMX Lights Mobile DJ Equipment
Link To Seller

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Hey YouTube today i will do a review and unboxing on the best little par lights under $30. To start of these are a very decent size with an AMAZING quality and the beams are just AMAZING. With 2 of these you system will be of the chart with colorful beams. The fact that it is RGBW is great because not many par lights have white. In MY OPINION they are the best for there price and the quality is amazing. 5 stars no doubt about it.

RGBW LED (Red*3, Green*3, Blue*3, White*3), color mixing and multiple function par light
Support Voice-activated / Auto / DMX / Master-slave modes,
Smooth electronic dimming from 0 - 100%,both in built-in program and DMX control
3-pin male & female DMX input & output and master-slave using
Great for indoor use, great used in Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Bar, Banquet, weddings, family parties, etc
Extra equipment for video production - DJ's equipment guide
In the last of four videos made in a TV studio in Tunis, Matt Ford and D J Clark discuss extra equipment they carry when undertaking video multimedia assignments. They talk about bags, stabilisation accessories, ND filters, focus finders and much more.
What do I charge for my Dj equipment hire
Ever wondered what you could charge to hire out your DJ equipment? Ever wondered how you can incorporate you investment into your pricing so you can get a return on that equipment over time. Here's a few words that may or may not help
How To DJ - Mobile DJ Equipment Set-up For Beginners

How To DJ - Mobile DJ Equipment Set-up For Beginners

Some thoughts on how to create a mobile DJ system for ease of transport, efficient set-up and fail-safe design.

Tips and strategies for making mobile disco and mobile dj transitions from vehicle to venue. Choosing speakers and system design all play in to how well you function at your event.

This short video walks you through the basics of how to improve your mobile sound system, create a dj set up that is efficient and easy to transport. Even if you are a beginner or seasoned pro, there is some useful information that might just help you improve your set up time at weddings, clubs, school dances and other events you may be doing which in turn improves your business potential.

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Mixars DUO Serato DJ Mixer Review
Website: dj-equipment/review/mixars-duo-serato-dj-mixer
Buy It Now: Mixars-DUO-2-Channel-Mixer-Serato/dp/B01C9AYOBY/179-1095784-9618352?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Twitter: djblaze_djbooth
Pioneer DJ DJ-C Bag Range
We’re releasing seven custom-made carry bags to help protect your DJ equipment when you’re on the road. Each new bag in the range is constructed with an EVA Durashock moulded body, black ballistic polyester, and black fleeced lining to create a hard-wearing but lightweight solution. Inside the tough exterior, soft eggshell foam absorbs shocks and vibrations, and keeps your equipment snugly in place. The bags’ durable handles make it easy to grip your gear and every model except for the DJC-B/WEGO3+BAG features a shoulder strap for flexible, comfortable carrying options. Five of the bags feature a compartment for storing cables and the DJC-TSP16 BAG for the TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler even has space inside for a pair of headphones and more.

The DJC bag range is available from mid October in Europe, Middle East, and Africa only.

Find out more: en/product/accessories/

Music Used:

NVLOAP - Star (Original Mix) - Saucy Records
Mobile DJ - What Equipment do you need?
This is a video aimed at the beginner. The world of DJ gear can appear quite daunting to a beginner so in this video I explain the different pieces of equipment you need to be a mobile DJ. Though keep in mind this is for a MOBILE DJ.

Alto TS115W Wireless Active DJ PA Speakers - Demonstration

Alto TS115W wireless speakers makes your mobile PA system even more portable by integrating wireless technology into Altos' popular TS-series PA cabinets. All the features that you come to expect from this impressive series of speakers are present but now you can harness the power of the TrueSonic series using your iPhone, iPad or other bluetooth compatible device.


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Denon DJ MCX8000 Review Video
Full review of the Denon DJ MCX8000 on : dj-equipment/review/denon-mcx8000
Buy the Denon DJ MCX8000 at the lowest price here: ?utm_source=DJBooth&utm_campaign=ProductLink&utm_medium=Youtube
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Skrillex Mixing Backstage
What it do
DJ Brace - 2016 DMC Online Finals (Winning Routine)
Equipment used (L - R)
1) Vestax 06 Pro Fretless Fader
2) Vestax PDX-3000
3) Rane TTM62
4) Vestax Controller 1

1) Memory Toy Analog Delay
2) Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon Wah
3) On/Off power switch for left deck
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