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DJ System Build Live Stream - DJ Equipment & Q&A
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Equipment used in the build

Denon MCX8000 – Mixer Controller - xhWMQv
Odyssey Black Label FZGSMCX8000W2BL - U3EXFj
Monster Power Pro 2500 Power Conditioner – Discontinued by Manufacturer
Shure QLXD4 Wireless Mic System –
Galaxy Audio AS-1800 Wireless Personal Monitor System - zukjjZ
Drive Rack PA2 - EpN9GB
Elgato Stream Deck - 2CHaRIe
Apple AirPort Express - 2Ct3iHt
Chauvet ShowXpress - Gsc1u4
MSI GE72VR Apache Pro-612 Laptop - 2CvZiG5

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Testing Dj Equipment
Funktion-One, Hallen&Heath, Traktor Scratch Pro, Traktor Kontrol X1, Pioneer CDJ2000, Pioneer DJM800
A Simple Guide to Setting Up DJ Equipment and a Basic PA System
Juan Bishop from Golden Circle explains the correct way to setup your DJ Equipment.

If you are a DJ and need to hire professional DJ Equipment in Cape Town, South Africa, visit

The Transcript:

Hi everybody. My name is Juan Bishop from Golden Circle Events. Today I'm going to give you a breakdown of setting up some DJ equipment, as well as a basic PA.

In front of me today I've got a pioneer DJM 900 Nexus two Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, and two Technics 1210 turntables. Remember that even though your gear may be slightly different to mine, the basic connections, and setup of this equipment,
will be exactly the same.

Let me give you a rundown of my mixer. My mixer has four channels. Each channel allows for multiple inputs, so you can plug anything from your CDJ’s, turntables iPod, or cell phone, or laptop into it. It also has two microphone inputs, as well as, two multi-effects engines. A very interesting feature with this mixer, is it also has a USB, which allows you to connect to your laptop, use it as a controller, and a sound card.

These are the Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus. I have a pair of them in front of me today. They have a nice big colour screen display. They allow for CD’s and USB’s and multiple file formats; anything from MP3, WAV or AIFF. They connect via RCA to
a line input on your DJ mixer. They also have a network connector which connects two CDJ’s together. You can play then one USB from both simultaneously. Next I have a Technics 1210 turntable. It connects to the mixer using a pair of RCA connectors into a phono input. Finally, I'll show you how to put this all together and connect it up to your PA.

First, we're going to start by connecting our technics 1200 series turntables. They use three connectors: two RCA connectors, red being the right side, black being the left side, and a ground connector. The ground connector connects onto these at the top, and the RCA’s into the phono input on the back of the DJ mixer. We then make sure that we have selected the phono input on that channel.

Next, I'm going to show you how to connect the Pioneer CDJ 2000 to the Mixer, as well as a network connection to connect the two CDJ 2000’s together. First I take my two RCA connectors and I plug them into the output of the CDJ. I then take my single CAT5 network cable and plug it into the link out in the back of the CDJ. I then take the other end of the cable, with its RCA connectors and connect it into the left and right in the CD line input on the DJ mixer. It is then very important to select the correct input on the DJ mixer.

Now we're going to connect our PA using two balanced XLR connectors. On the back of the DJ mixer you will see it says Master 1. It has a left, and a right connection. Next, I'm going to show you how to connect the PA system. First, I connect the power, next I connect the signal into Channel 1. I have an option to run a pass-through; either full range or a high pass. In this instance I'm going to select a high-pass, which then allows me to run just the lows to the subwoofer, and just the mid highs through the top.

I connect the loop through, which then goes to the mid highs. First, I'm going to plug in the power connector. Next, I'm going to make sure that I'm selected on a line level input and not a mic level input. I connect the male side of my XLR connector into Channel 1 on the back of the speaker. Now that everything is connected I'm ready to power on. I then make sure that my gain is set to full for this specific amp module. I know with the JBL Eon 615 that zero is gained full. I then turn my master level up to half way.

I'm going to do a quick test and make sure that I'm getting signal in from my turntable. First, I turn the trim up and I can see my level coming in. My goal here is to get a decent level, and most definitely stay out of the red. As
soon as goes into the red it starts distorting and degrades the signal quality. Next I will push the fader up, and turn my level up on the master, and watch my level coming in, and try and get it as close to zero as possible, once again keeping it out of the red.

Thanks for watching everybody, and remember that even though your equipment may be slightly different to mine, the connections and rules still apply. Please hit like and subscribe for future videos on our channel, and I'll see you
guys next time.
Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ Turntable Review & Super-OEM Comparison Video
Website: index/dj-equipment/review/pioneer-plx-1000-turntable
Buy It Now: Item--i-PIO-PLX1000-LIST?utm_source=djbooth&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=productlink
Twitter: DJblaze_DJbooth
Facebook: DJboothDJs

The new Pioneer PLX-1000 analog DJ turntables have the similar layout and basic features of the iconic Technics 1200's that DJ's are familiar with along with some "Super-OEM" turntable DNA and other minor adjustments to set it apart from the others on the market. The PLX-1000 has the Pioneer CDJ looks with the beautiful brushed black finish and silver accents. Check out our full review and comparison video to see how they stack up.
Mobile DJ Equipment Update
A quick look at my latest updates
DJ GIG LOG: DJ'ing a PARTY with BROKEN DJ Equipment | Renting Vs Owning
Vlog 044 - Saturday • May 14, 2016

This weekend I DJ'ed a party in Bradley Beach (New Jersey) and I got myself into a little situation. Things started out as usual; I was getting everything ready to go DJ but, when I got the banquet hall I noticed that I did not have a tripod for the speakers. Things got very stressful. I had to quickly come up with a clever idea to set up the speakers without a tripod.

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Joakim Karud - joakimkarud

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Filmed On: Canon G7X, Canon 70D, iPhone 6s, DJI Phantom 3, GoPro Hero 3+

Edited On: Final Cut Pro X

Purchase Links:

Canon G7X: 1poXQKI
Canon 70D: 1RTcYKb
Canon 10-18mm: 1pba89U
Canon 50mm: 1RTd4Br
Go Pro Hero 3+: 1SDqkwo
Rode Video Mic Pro: 1pbar4z
Manfrotto Compact Tripod: 1pbatt9
Joby Gorilla Tripod: 1RTdgAG
DJI Phamtom 3 Advanced : 1pbbHEP


ABOUT ME: I'm 24-Years old. I was born in Nicaragua but, I currently live in New Jersey, USA. I am an open-format DJ, an aspiring photographer, and Youtube Vlogger. I hope you find my videos entertaining, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
DJ DuPree ENT. Gig Log 1 | Wedding Set Up
Gonna DJ a wedding?
On this video are some tips on how to set up your equipment and keep the party rocking!

Songs List
- Superstition - Damianito Remix
- You've Got The Love (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

Camera Equipment
- Canon 70D
- EFS 18-55mm Macro

DJ Equipment
- 2 QSC K10s, 2 QSC K12s, 2 Kw181 Subwoofers
- 1 Macbook Pro
- Shure Wireless Microphone
- ADJ Inno pocket spot twins
- 4 Chauvet slimpar 64s LED

For booking contact:
IG: OfficialDJDuPree
Twitter: @DjDuPree08
David Guetta Live DJ Equipment Fail
Better Guetta couple of turntables and some records!
David Guetta Live DJ Equipment Fail
DJ Equipment Sale - Selling my DJ Equipment
2 Yamaha S215v with 4 Brand New Peavey Black Widow Speakers
2 JBL MRX 515's
2 Crown XTI 2000 Amps
2 American DJ Punch LED PRO Lights
2 Technics SL1200 MK5 Turntables
2 Shure Turntable Needles
1 RANE TTM57SL Mixer
1 Pioneer EFX-500 Sound Processor
1 Shure DUAL wireless Microphone Setup
2 Rockit 8 Monitor Speakers

ALL Wiring and 2 Speaker Stands

Selling ITEMS or Everything at Group Price - 814-495-0008
Shaq Goes Crazy Using DJ Equipment

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How to Become a DJ : EQ Settings When Using DJ Equipment
Learn how to set EQ, or equalizer settings while you're DJing, in this free video series on using DJ equipment.

Expert: Brady Williams
Bio: For the past 10 years DJ Brady Williams has rocked clubs from Tampa to San Francisco with his unique mixing abilities.
Filmmaker: Wes Kawaja
Hercules DJ Control Jogvision Review
Website: dj-equipment/review/hercules-dj-control-jogvision
Buy It Now: Hercules-DJControl-Jogvision-DJ-controller/dp/B00DVU9ETO
Contact: djblaze@ DJblaze_DJbooth
What DJ Equipment Should I Buy? DJ Jon Divine Q&A
This video is dedicated to all the upcoming DJs who have been messaging me to post my opinion on what equipment to start out with.
I hope this video is relatively self explanatory and helpful.
Here are some websites to look at when purchasing equipment.

Also, add me on Facebook!
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Аренда, звука, музыкального, оборудования, звуковой, аппаратуры, Москва! DJ Alex Chester
Исполнитель: DJ Alex Chester
Аренда звука и света; беспроводного микрофона; колонок с усилителем; прокат диджейского, звукового и светового оборудования в москве; аренда профессионального музыкального оборудования недорого на свадьбу; большая активная акустика для мероприятий, концертов; аудио; dj оборудование Pioneer; аренда комплектов звуковой аппаратуры для дискотек Москва по недорогой цене; от 2-5 кВт до 20 кВт звука. Техническое обеспечение мероприятий и услуги диджеев.
По вопросам заказа и сотрудничества пишите на страницу arendazvukamsk
Добавляйтесь в нашу группу arenda_music
е-mail: arendazvukamsk@
е-mail: arendazvukamsk@
аренда, звук, прокат, DJ, DJ-оборудование, оборудование, Москва, звуковой, звуковой аппаратуры, музыкального оборудования, музыкального, оборудования, звуковое, в аренду, дешево, в аренду дешево, профессионального, для свадеб, свадеб, свадьба, корпоративов, презентаций, аппаратура недорого, аппаратура, недорого, звука, звукового, диджей, комплексное оснащение, оснащение, корпоративы, свадьбы, юбилей, юбилеи, дискотеки, концерт, инсталляции, инсталяция, репетиции, Московская область, Московская, область, музыка, sound, JBL, PRX, 615, JBL PRX, JBL PRX 615, JBL, PRX 618, 618, микрофон, PRX615, PRX615m, PRX 615 M, PRX618S-XLF, SHURE PGX24, SHURE, PGX24, Alex Chester, радио микрофон, радио-микрофон, pioneer, pioneer CDJ 350, CDJ, 350, 800mk2, pioneer 800mk2, pioneer 1000mk3, pioneer 2000, 2000, пульт DJM, пульт, DJM, DJM 700, 700, DJM 800, 800, доставка, доставка бесплатно, Москву, Москве, Москва, Soundcraft 12 каналов, Soundcraft, 12 каналов, VRX Vertec series, VRX, Vertec, Vertec series, Pioneer, у нас доступные и реальные цены, доступные цены, реальные цены, первые сутки 100% оплата, скидка 30%, скидка, скидки, 30%, постоянным клиентам, постоянные клиенты, особые условия, доставка по Москве бесплатно, скидка с понедельника по четверг 20%, скидка 20%, 20%, , , arenda, music, arenda-music, мы подберём подходящий вариант именно для Вас, подберём подходящий вариант, подберём вариант, поможем с проведением мероприятий, концерты, выпускные, выпускной, корпоративные мероприятия, корпоратив, мероприятия, презентации, презентация, детские праздники, праздники, праздник, караоке, прочие праздники, праздники
VLOG 2- DJ Equipment and Tips
DJ Rey goes over his equipment and some tips. Check out items like his mixer Pioneer DDJ-SZ, JBL 715s subwoofers, Chavuet Spotlights, ADJ Spotlights, etc
Buying DJ Equipment..for my new Hobby (Hailey Vlogs)
Hey guys!
I am out buying DJ equipment for my new hobby today.. And I will put up videos of my mixes once I get the hang of it! All of this to say I will be uploading My Sims Saturday video tomorrow for Sims Sunday-- hehe.
Have a great Saturday!
Xo Hailey
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