Mind-Blowing NEXT LEVEL Scooters, eBikes & More ▶ STRAIGHT FROM THE FUTURE

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Hello Futurists! Back today with some mind-blowingly awesome Transportation Tech you never knew existed. These futuristic vehicles are the solution to every daily commuter's woes and brings your dreams to reality. With this tech, you can skip the traffic and leave the gas guzzler at home with these inventions seemingly ripped straight out of Science Fiction!

Which of these would you want most for your daily commute?

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-The Futurist

This Episodes Featured Tech:

7. Z-Board
6. Segway miniPRO
5. Urban Gliders
4. Acton M Scooter
3. Sondors eBike
2. Ryno UniCycle Motorbike
1. Hoverboard