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Hopefully you didn't spend all of your money on a new TV during the Black Friday Deals week / Cyber Monday this holiday season, because these 5 TVs may leave you a bit envious!

As 4k UHD televisions come down in price, manufactures are finding alternative methods to stand out in this saturated market to overtake the competition. It's truly amazing to see what kinds of awesome innovations each of these manufacturers have chosen as a means to separate themselves from the pack.

But if the high cost of entry on some of this technology seems a bit much right now; don't despair as this showcase demonstrates technology that should become more increasingly available in the market at lower costs as the technology is improved, just as 4k TVs have over the last few years and HD prior to that . Anyway, to summarize, these are some of the most amazingly designed pieces of Tech out there that prove there is a lot of innovation to be had in the Television marketplace BEYOND an increase in resolution.

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The Expensive Toys featured in this episode are (in order) as follows:

5. LG OLED-65W7P Wallpaper TV

4. 2IBXXk0 - Sony XBR-65A1E Bravia A1E OLED

3. Panasonic Transparent OLED TV (As demonstrated at CES)

2. CSeed 201 (World's Largest) Outdoor LED TV by Porsche Design Studio

1. 2jRk0Fi - Samsung Frame TV Series - "The Frame"

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