DJ tips: don't mix everything!

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Don't mix everything!
Wear sunglasses when you watch this video ;)

After reading a couple of mix related questions in my YouTube inbox I wanted to share this simple tip because I feel that it could help you out in certain situations: Don't think that you have to mix every single track!

Mixing tracks the right way will lead to smooth transitions, but sometimes DJ's feel that they have to mix every song in their set. In some cases you might run into a transition that won't be that easy. It could be an extreme difference in bpm like 84 to 128, or two genres that don't mix well because of the difference in song structure, etc. Of course there are ways to make this work by using effects or loops or by making special edits, but if you don't have the ability to use those tools just keep in mind that you don't have to mix the songs.

You could just stop the track that's playing and start the new track on the 1, or stop the track and use the mic to say something and then start the new track, etc. There are lot's of ways to do this and it's a great option.

Sometimes it's even better not to mix a track. If a track has a great intro that people will recognize straight away I feel that it's better to just start that track from the intro in stead of mixing that intro into the track that is already playing.

I will continue the mix tutorial series very soon because a lot of the mix questions will be answered in those tutorials and I will get into this topic as well so stay tuned!

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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