Connect your Analog Mixer to your Laptop / Computer 2016

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This is a follow up on my previous Video (Vy11fxKpFrY) on connecting your Analog Mixer to your Computer. This time, we connect my Behringer Xenyx 502 (non USB) to my Laptop without using any Audio Interface. I know it has the noisiest connection possible, but there are a lot of people out there who are on a budget and just want to get things going.

Materials needed:
- Mixer of your choice
- 1x cable to RCA / Chinch
- 2x 1/4 inch Jacks to RCA / Chinch
- Laptop
- Audacity or any DAW you are using

I did this video on many requests of viewers. I'll be doing another video soon on how to connect your Mixer different ways to the Computer.

Fair use of Music used in this Video under the Creative Commons License.

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