How to get audio from DJ controller to a laptop (Low end controller)

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Video shows how to get audio from a DJ controller to your laptop. INFO AND STEPS BELOW!

-Laptop with individual Mic input. (Different to regular headphone output) If you have a laptop with only one jack, it will not work.
-At-least 2 different lines.

1) Have one line connect to your headphones.
2) Have the other line connect to your laptop's MIC INPUT.
3) Go to your laptop, and head over to the sound control panel.
4) Click recording tab, then right click on the recording device that is plugged in.
5) Click properties, then click listen.
6) Select "listen to this device", and select the appropiate playback device.
7) Now turn up the headphone sound monitor from your DJ controller. Remember that this is the volume level heading into your headphones.
8) Increase your laptop's volume, and you should be able to here the audio coming from the DJ controller through your laptop's speakers.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below, and I will respond as soon as possible. I hope this tutorial provided information on how to listen to the audio from your DJ controller from your default speakers on your laptop!