This is NOT Real Life! The Future of Gaming Never Looked so Good « 2017 Futuristic Game Engine Tech

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Today, we're doing a special look at the Technology of Gaming, particularly a look at the capabilities of the Unreal Engine. I thought these were pretty revolutionary examples of what we'll soon expect gaming to look like. Seriously, most of these are so realistic I am doubtful I could discern the difference between reality.

I think, once developers get the opportunity to really learn to master these tools at their disposal, things will get interesting as what we think is possible in gaming will go out the window.

What do you guys think? Which of these demonstrations do you see the most potential for? Do you think we'll see this level of realism in AAA titles in 2016? Imagine this quality of graphics in VR! And as hardware gets cheaper, more people will have access to this kind of power.

Anyway, special thanks to Ross Budgen, who's music is featured in this tribute to the graphical capabilities of the Unreal Engine.
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