FAKE DJ'S & DJ FAILS (Are They Musicians?)

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Some of you guys complained about this video being misleading and disrespectful to dj's. Although this was never our intention and we are only tying to spark discusion, we are sorry.

To make up for this mistake we did some research and stumbled on this Starter DJ Controller with built-in Soundcard & Light Show.

If you are interested in producing you should definitively check out this link: 2qPuSWj

Go and see if this DJ Board suites you. We believe it's the perfect board for beginners because it's also suited for more advanced DJ's! Again we would like to apologize for any misinformation generated by this video and hope to see you all become great DJ's and Producers some day!

Fake DJ's and Dj's who completely fail. Do these guys deserve to be called musicians? Let us know!

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