ProX XS-DJSTN DJ Performer portable Table workstation foldable with wheels case Transformer series

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If you are looking for a mobile DJ Desk Station that's is easy to transport and will make your setup look amazing. The XS-DJSTN ProX fold away DJ performance Desk is exactly what you need for your DJ or Studio Setup. It's easily assembled, quick to collapse and folds flat for amazing portability. It's durable enough to place your mixers, CDJ's, keyboard or any type or pro audio or lighting equipment on the go. Made with Sleek Honeycomb Digital plywood design it's sure to make a good impression at your event. This unit is also equipped with wheels that ease your transportation experience.

Digital Honey Comb exterior design
Heavy Duty 3/8" Thick plywood
Low profile Penn-Elcom Wheels
Open Dimensions: 34Hx20Dx55W
Heavy duty Handles and Latches

"Length (L) X "Width (W) X "Height (H)
Weight: lbs

Shipping Dimensions
"L X "D X "H
Weight: lbs

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