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Eve Teasing Contest Bengali Short Film 2017 Prank King Entertainment .
Eve Teasing Contest is a Social awareness Bengali Short Film.

Women harassment by strangers, as with any type of harassment, has been a notoriously difficult crime to prove, as perpetrators often devise discreet ways to harass women, although Eve teasing usually occurs in public spaces and streets and on public transport. The feminist publication Rethinking Violence Against Women referred to this behavior as a kind of "little rape". Some guidebooks to the region warn female tourists to avoid attracting the attention of these kinds of men by wearing conservative clothing.

To stop this, 2 things should happen.....

Men should stop looking women as an object..
Women should stop showcasing themselves as an object..

this is a sensible matter for sure... Eve-teasing is a big social issue prevailing from the origin of mankind... there is a solution to every problem... but this issue has not been solved for centuries.. the only 2 reason behind this is...

Women are not looking this in Men's point of view
Men are not looking this in Women's point of view

guyzz dont u think we are just thinking to do something againt this but not actually doing k how can we protest against it and teach the eve teasers a lesson who tried to affect our can we actually highlight this crime in front of the country like Bangladesh has unitedly stood up against corruption we need to stand up against this euphemism that government can make strict laws against eve teasing and the accused should not be only fined but i think serious punishments like cutting off fingers and life time imprisonment should be given so that nobody would dare to disrespect a woman anywhere and posting it on walls is very easy but my question is how to do it if all women doesnot get passionate about this cause and unitedly fight against it.
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