Ableton DJ tutorial - Perfect transitions are easy!

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While this tutorial is demonstrated using Ableton, note that this concept can easily be applied to traditional turntable/cd deck DJing techniques - but you have to count bars as you listen. If you listen to any professional DJ mixes, or if you DJ, you've probably heard or used this technique without even knowing it.

Basically, matching tempos and beats is not enough - we need to also match musical phrases - so that both songs start a 16 bar phrase at the same time. This way, when the new song is really picking up, a significant loss will be evident in the song that is being mixed out. They naturally trade off energy and elements until the first track finally ends, and the second goes into the body of the track. This also minimizes "dead space" in the continuous stream of music.

There is a case where this won't work exactly as shown; if a song has un-even phrases in the lead-in or lead-out, Usually, this is a 16 bar phrase, with a 1 bar build for extra tension, you will need to use the clip forward and backward buttons(or bind them to a midi controller) to move 1 bar forward or backward on the song being mixed in, to compensate for the extra bars.

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